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  1. We are small business owners wanting to make a positive impact in the Paulding county Community. This site was relaunched to reach more Paulding county on a smaller level not to be censored but keeping it positive. The Golden Rule. I would be glad to come by and introduce myself.
  2. if you are a handy man.or even a little handy you can probably do it yourself with a lift. I hung 22 pieces of Sheetrock with a lift in 6 hours on a 9 foot ceiling. Lifts run $200 . but you can probably rent one for a third of that.. that's screwing it in.
  3. Are people really wearing mask anymore?? if so I have a few that I want to give away. these things are top notch hand made.. LET ME KNOW ?
  4. I am thinking of getting one for personal use. I think it would be really cool to see who is scoping out my home..
  5. I am up early. Got a new puppy that requires me to get up at 2:30 to take him out. now I can't sleep. I think I will try milk, oreos and a move. by the time the sun comes up I should be able to fall back asleep.:)
  6. Who is going out on taco Tuesday?
  7. That secure site lock in the search bar sure makes me feel good.. But I vote for a app also.
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