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  1. They are forbidden because of the risk that the inmate may call and potentially harass a victim. They can't monitor the calls on the cell phones, like they can the land lines. And it's usually the guards who are sneaking them in. They make petty change as income for what they do and there is BIG money in the prison cell phone business. Most prisons fork over an additional (to what they are alreaady serving) 5 year sentence to any inmate caught with one.
  2. LL, what a wonderful story!!! That made tears roll down my eyes! What a beautiful story to help us all get through this week. Such love...
  3. OP, you wanna get in on this? There are waaay too many unanswered questions.
  4. I was always taught that Grey was a name and gray was a color.
  5. One foot OUT. Both in is too hot, both out is too cold. It makes perfect sense to put one out and one in. I do, however, rotate them throughout the night so they each get the same amount of fresh air.
  6. Princess, I'm glad you posted this!! I'm getting married Saturday too!! Congrats to you and your man and may you both have an eternity of happiness together!
  7. 1. Loud, spitty chewing. 2. Welfare recipients who take exotic vacations and have new cars and lavish handbags. 3. No Child Left Behind Yeah that about covers it. Edit for bonus pet peeve (since it's Friday and all): Adults who cannot spell correctly and constantly misuse words, or make them up entirely, in conversation.
  8. I had a similiar situation with my MIL. My DH had a "come to Jesus" meeting with her and we've been best friends ever since. Let me just say at least it only presents itself when you are actually WITH her... My situation involved 10-15 phone calls a day. I actually threw my phone against the wall once trying to break it so she couldn't call anymore. I'll be danged if the phone didn't just bounce off the wall and start ringing again. Worst day ever. Hope your DH can resolve this for you. You don't want any drama in the family and at the very least an upset between you and your DH. Peace ca
  9. It appears, on his PDF attachment on the Patch article, that he was arrested after being caught and held in county until his court date in August of 2011. His charges led him sentenced to 5 years. Two of which (the crime was in 2009 I believe) were counted as time served, and the remaining three to be spent on probation... This is really disgusting. I fully understand how warped some of the sexual crime laws are (e.g. Romeo and Juliet cases) but stuff like this just makes me want to hurl. I would lose my $#*T if someone did something that to my child... I'd end up in a women's prison for m
  10. Just pull out your Marauder's Map. When you find him make sure to say "mischief managed."
  11. Yes, the same one. I couldn't recall there being any resolution on the case. Thank you for linking. I'd imagine if they had it would be along the lines of "I really wish someone hadn't murdered my son."
  12. Ok so I was sent a PM with an article (Google apparently couldn't find) regarding this issue.
  13. dallas-hiram.patch.com/articles/overnight-homicide-reported-on-macland-road dallas-hiram.patch.com/listings/paulding-county-sheriffs-office detectives are investigating a homicide that occurred on Macland Road around Covington Drive about 11:11 p.m. Wednesday. The Criminal Investigations Division at the sheriff's office is working with agents from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in order to determine who committed the murder." ...remaining story can be found through the link. Has anyone heard any news regarding this incident?? I have a few friends who fill the deceased's descri
  14. Wow... just wow. I get it, kids are fat. I'm fat. We're all fat. But the thing that made my JAW DROP, is that someone actually thought CHICKEN NUGGETS were a healthier solution for a child's meal than the food that was packed. Do you know how chicken nuggets are made? Do you? Mechanically separated poultry. Look it up if you don't know what that is, then try to eat a chicken nugget. I would have had a court case on my hands... Like someone mentioned above, instead of playing lunch room monitor, why don't you add PE back? You know the kind that kicked your booty so hard you
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