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    Gardening...veggies, flowers, endangered plants, herbs and more; International Travel; a foodie by choice, and spending quality time with my children and granddaughter.
  1. Michael, congratulations on a hard fought campaign. I admire you for putting yourself out there for the citizens of Paulding County's 19th district. I'm honored to have gotten to know you....Thanks!
  2. Press Release: Personal Finances – Melissa Morrison Yes, we have past due personal notes which now have liens against us personally. All our personal and business taxes were paid. When we shut down Agro Environmental Systems/Surepip Hatchery Equipment after getting stuck by BC Rogers Poultry in Morton Miss for $250,000, in 2000/2001 we sold off various parts of the business, and placed the remaining inventory on consignment with a company in Jacksonville who felt they could sell it, and the balance of machines with another company in Danielsville, Ga. When the dust settled, using
  3. An academic exercise in futility, ....sorry I could not post on my membername earlier. I will answer your questions with dignity while being honest. Hence, my answer again..... NJ, Sorry for the delay, it was a busy weekend campaigning. I was hoping, when Congress took up the Healthcare Reform,they would actually reform it. We were, and others we know, paying $30,000 ayear for mediocre BCBS coverage. Unfortunately, what Congress ended up passing isunconstitutional and totally unacceptable as written. How can anyone be FOR Obamacare! So to answer your question, No,
  4. Concerning HB87 and the DREAM Act: I clearly stated we do need to address the illegal problems. At NO time did I write or say anything about perpetuating the situation or granting amnesty. Please quit twisting my words to suit your agenda. If you want to disagree, fine. But don’t put words in my mouth and don’t warp or twist what I write please. HB87 is flawed. Let’s fix the flaws and move on. I am against any type of blind amnesty. No Amnesty, ….period. I have no problem with having a Georgia law concerning illegals, and deporting them. But it needs to be a constitutiona
  5. Again, you twist and turn my response. I made it clear I would not have voted for HB87 as written because it is/was seriously flawed and required, in my opinion, some re-writing. NOWHERE did I mention amnesty of any sort. What's with you and amnesty? I do NOT endorse amnesty for illegal aliens period.
  6. Please show me where I endorsed any type, shape, or form of amnesty. I suggest you review the details as outlined in the DREAM ACT. It clearly does NOT endorse amnesty. I have asked for your suggestions and input, and instead you twist my words to fit your agenda. What do you suggest we do?
  7. I assume you are asking if I would support a tax increase that was indeed a PORK project for Paulding. Yes, I would support it if we were getting a sufficient [100% plus] return on valid projects we need for the county as a whole. Kind of like when Chairman Shearin agreed to give $1million plus to GRTA in return for getting $13Million plus from GDOT to build the Hiram Bypass. No-brainer on that one. Absolutely yes, and as the representative for Paulding, I would be remiss in my fiduciary responsibility to the citizens of district 19 to do otherwise, regardless of partisan politics
  8. Currently, the jury on TSPLOST is still out for me. We do NOT need another tax. But with the state of the economy, how do we maintain the highway systems we have without the money to pay for it? We all know how bad the Hiram Sprawl is every afternoon, not to mention 61 North through Dallas. What and how do we address such issues? No I don't believe it is the government's job to be an industrial developer. However, I am for Public/Private Joint Venture Developments. If the county or other governmental entity can work out such an enterprise where the governmenta
  9. Good Morning. And congratulations on avoiding the topics at hand. I will reply to this once, and then move on to answering specific pertinent questions best I can. Concerning your remarks about my job performance while I was Deputy Commission Coleman’s administrative assistant: I spoke with him this morning and he informed me he has not spoken with you or anyone else about me and will be happy to confirm this to anyone else who wants to contact him. I assume you have his cell number. If not give me a call and I’ll give it to you. Dr Carter Black III also spoke with me this morning and
  10. Thank you for asking. My primary motivation has been the number of people I know in District 19 who have been asking me long before I retired in February, “Why don’t you run for the District 19 Seat ?, And their numerous reasons for asking” So I am running. My husband and I moved our manufacturing business here in 1989, and we know what a convenient place Paulding is for such businesses. We actually brought 2 other European companies with us as we only needed half the building at that time. Unfortunately for the county, when it came time for us to utilize the entire building after
  11. Thanks for some tough questions. I will do my best to answer such pertinent issues. Yes we need help with transportation infrastructure, improvements and paying for it. Anyone coming through the Hiram Sprawl at 5:30 in the afternoon can see that. Economic Development if Paulding, bringing business ventures here with manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, etc., instead of just retail will go a long way to helping our traffic problems by creating jobs which pay well here in Paulding. Paulding already has public transportation. Mr Richardson and Shearin cut that deal with the GDOT 10
  12. I like Feelip as well! Just to set the record straign, I am not a Liberal by any stretch of the imagination. I am a firm believer in the Constitution as well as State’s Rights.
  13. Thank you for asking. I am ProLife. I will not discuss the “A” word on p.com as per Pubby’s rules. I will be happy to discuss this with you in person, on the phone, or by email though. My phone number is 770-313-7928
  14. I Have never been a member of the Democratic party....where do you think you might have seen this Democratic website, with my name? I never found it necessary to physically join the Republican party until I chose to run for office. I was graciously accepted with open arms by the GOP at the Capitol when I qualified,...especially when I announced the seat I was seeking.
  15. Thanks for asking, I have never been a member of the Democratic party. I am a registered member of the Republican party. Why whould you ask if I was a Democrat?
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