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  1. I need recommendations for a good outdoor security camera system.
  2. Thank you for the responses. He has started looking to see if he can find a kennel position. Hopefully he can find something soon.
  3. Has anyone used Penn Foster for the vet program? My son wants to become a tech but looks like online is going to have to be his option. I want to make sure it is a good program before he decides to commit to anywhere. Thanks!
  4. We saw Dr. Wolfe at Dallas Family Counseling. He really helped my son who was dealing with depression
  5. Thanks.I will give that a try and hopefully get it working
  6. I have an old hi8 video camera that eats the tapes when I try to play them. Any suggestions on how to fix or where to take it?
  7. My attempt at photobucket didn't go well. I still can't figure out how to enlarge. Can ya tell I'm computer illiterate??
  8. Here is a partial list of available discounts. Sorry I can't figure out how to do a pic of the card on here but I can email one if interested 10% off Hiram locations Buffalo Wild Wings Menchies OCharleys Taki Tequila Restaurant Texas Roadhouse Yogli Mogli Coldstone Creamery Buffalos Southwest café Arbys-free roast beef sand. w/combo Cheeseburger Bobbys -$1 off burger meal DQ- BOGO Combos Little Ceasars- free crazy bread w/ purchase of 2 pizzas Stevi Bs- 2 buffets and 2 drinks for $12.99 Totopos New Hope - BOGO Combo w/ 2 drink purchase
  9. My son is selling discount cards for $10 good until 12/31/2015 Let me know if you are interested and I can get them to you this week. I can't get a pic to upload but here are just a few of the locations that are listed for Hiram and New Hope Arbys Cheeseburger Bobbys Little Ceasars McDonalds OCharleys Stevi B's Texas Roadhouse Johnnys Pizza Mellow Mushroom Yogli Mogli Tequila Restaurant
  10. Thank you!!! I'm a little slow when it come to computers but I finally got it
  11. I'm trying to attach a pic to my post in the Got The Goods section but when I click on attach file it doesn't do anything.
  12. Just wondering how roads are from Yorkville to Dallas Walmart. Son is suppose to work tonight til 10
  13. Thank you for the responses. I left a message today but haven't heard back. I ended up going with Dallas Family Counseling
  14. Our dr gave me a referral to Family Intervention Specialists in Hiram for my teenager. Does anyone have experience with this office?
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