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  1. You both are in my prayers as well! Our daughter received radiation @ Winship 6 yrs. ago and they are an excellent facility. Wasn't too fond of the daily drive so I understand you being worn out! Hang in there- she did her stem cell transplant almost 11 years ago for her cancer and it is quite the learning experience.
  2. I've noticed the SO riding through since I came in around 6:30. Hope they find him safe and soon.
  3. I sat in that mess as well for over an hour before I turned around-never made it much past Silver Crest Lakes subd. I work 10 minutes from my driveway, left @ 6:15 and arrived home at 7:45 after the wait and detouring through Bentwater and down Harmony Grove. It was a mess out there tonight. Luckily after the hour wait, a guy in front of me on Dabbs Bridge was kind enough to let me know as he turned around his wife was listening to the scanner and heard emergency workers couldn't get to the bridge either.
  4. Listen today around 4:45 to Ansley from Paulding County tell her story of her battling cancer. Some of you old time P.commers may remember Ansley for raising money through her lemonade stands or opening the Paulding Relay several years ago singing the National Anthem. She has battled Neuroblastoma off and on since 1999 and underwent surgery successfully again in Feb. of this year for her latest relapse. You can read a brief history http://wsbradio.com/...010_ansley.html and take a look at the stories of other courageous children who have battled cancer and won.
  5. Your sister and family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. That was my daughter, Ansley. We were down for a mtg. with her neurosurgeon and oncologist yesterday because her cancer has returned. They happened to be doing the radio-a-thon in the chemo area so she went back to make a donation and ended up meeting Clark Howard, being put on the radio and challenging her oncologist to meet her donation amount. She loved it and had a great time and they raised $50,000 that hour. I would encourage everyone to tune in and listen -even if for just a few mins. - to the stories of these children. They are remarkable and inspiring and it will make you forever grateful for the health of your family and children.
  7. Thanks! Thats what I was thinking also but wasn't sure.
  8. Can't get in touch with our agent right now-does anyone know?
  9. Heard it here also...figured someone on here would know. Multiple sirens lasting quite a while....
  10. Cochran Rd is directly across from HGC Rd where it dead ends into 61 at the old "stone" store that sits on the corner.
  11. She must've really had a bad day yesterday. My best friend had the misfortune of going down the same aisle in Walmart yesterday as Miss Jessie was on and she told my friend she was going to "bust her f***ing head open". My friend later saw Walmart employees looking for her. She was apparently making her presence known in and out of the store.
  12. Me too but I'm walking with Ansleys Army! Good luck with the P.com team
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