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  1. I haven't really read through all the attacks on me. Sorry. But, I do have to say, you guys aren't getting it. I NEVER SAID TERRI WAS INNOCENT OF THIS THING! I have posed other possibilities to consider. I have suggested the officials not put on blinders for Terri and miss someone else who may have done this. And it is possible that Terri is evil and wanted to off her innocent husband, and then a stranger took Kyron. I have not said I have no doubt X did this or Y did that. I have suggested other scenarios. And for some reason, people flip out. Good grief people! Can you not think ou
  2. eym_sirius, you have lost your mind. You really have. Yes, I vented some. I saw ridiculous scenarios dancing around. I thought I would share how ridiculous they were sounding by amplifying a scenario to the level of yours. And I do have people I speak to besides of those here on PCom. PCom really isn't all that big in my life. Surprise! You discussed qualifications, then you twist it around. You say you write. So now, knowing about conjunctions, verbs, and pronouns makes you an expert? Interesting. As for recognizing social cues, I got that. I have plenty of education in that area. Trust me. A
  3. I am not a murderer or a kidnapper, so I can't determine what likely happened? I guess you are saying you are a murdering kidnapper since you can determine scenarios. Interesting. The parents are not paying for the search. But they are learning how to play the press. Maybe preparing for a movie deal? Oh! I forgot, you are the kidnapping murdering expert. You know the answer to that already. The father is extremely controlling of everything. He won't even talk to any press that has mentioned the fact that he has had his own serious issues, such as previous restraining orders because hi
  4. The latter was a response to the scenario game that I thought was being played. The former is definitely something to look at. These people are turning their missing child into a profit machine. The more the father talks, the more I wonder what he is truly capable of doing. And the quote was not mine. I was simply sharing. This has stopped being about Kyron and it has become the Kaine and Desiree Show. The police have repeatedly stated the stepmother is fully cooperating. That is not what Kaine and Desiree want you to believe. But, they aren't providing any other information about how she
  5. Because now they are rock stars. Have you noticed that? They are selling T-Shirts, Bracelets, Balloons, etc. They are picking and choosing which press they will talk to. They insist on a list of questions and will determine which ones they will answer. They have now scheduled bi-weekly press conferences where they will address the press, and only then. Someone sent me this today: "This post is NOT about the possibility that Kyron has been abducted or harmed in any way, but since LE keeps telling us that they think danger to the community is low and it's an isolated incident, i want
  6. You are right. Another family is getting bad news today. http://www.nbc15.com/news/headlines/97563024.html
  7. I have also noticed people freaking out and going off on people for looking at them wrong. The problem is, most people don't really care enough about you to notice you in public. A lot of times they are all alone inside their own minds and grimacing at something running around in there and staring into nothingness. Not even seeing what is in front of them. Someone is getting all bent out of shape over the look they are getting, and it isn't even them. Or they are looking at something on the other side of that person. Like the girl who is all loud mouthed and trashy going off on the woman
  8. I have decided it was an alien abduction. That will make everyone feel better. After all, the facts don't really matter anyway, the truth is unimportant, so alien abduction it is. OH! And somehow, Terri did an alien dance, thereby calling the aliens to come in. So, it is still all her fault. Okay? Does that make everyone happy? WAIT! I forgot! Mom is an angel. She had to go do angel stuff for the past 7 years, despite the fact lots of mothers receiving dialysis still can parent their child, she was too busy flittering around granting wishes and doughnuts. Stepdad was oblivious to every
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4p2VK2AYTM Watch this news report. Look closely at the car at 1:07. Did they miss a chance to change the whole outcome of this?
  10. According to all of you, there is no way that could be him. That is not Terri and it is not a white truck. That is the wrong rock. Right?
  11. You're right! I KNOW WHAT SHE DID! I GOT IT! She went into the school and took pictures of him, then printed them, then photoshopped them to make his arm disappear, then made sure she was seen, but she wasn't really there, then she took Kyron and slipped him into her pocketbook, then she waved her magic wand and disappeared into the wind with him so no one would see him leave with her, then she flew her invisible truck to a hidden place and pinged her phone to throw them off the trail, then bought groceries, then picked up the baby, then went home and had lunch with her husband, then waited fo
  12. Conspiracy theory? Are you for real?! By thinking the police need to look at all the angles, that is a conspiracy? Give me a freaking break! I am not saying she is innocent. I don't know if she is or isn't at this point, and neither do you. I know the police have not found enough to arrest her for anything, much less get her convicted. And maybe that is because there isn't enough to find. So, maybe they should look in other places. I would think that would be the best option. Too many people have on their blinders. They are not looking around at other possibilities. And by not looking aro
  13. There has been nothing about the timeline, other than he left early that day. Before lunch from what I have read. How much before lunch, I haven't found. Something to keep in mind. From what I am seeing, they are stuck on it being one person. They need to look at the entire picture. It may be her, but it may not be. Think of all those cases where they stuck to it being one person and missed opportunities. Elizabeth Smart - They knew her dad did something. She was a prisoner for a year! Polly Klaas - They didn't completely believe her dad's story. Her kidnapper was helped by the police w
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