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  1. I have actually made entry from a 2 man truck in Paulding County. My partner pumped the truck while I made entry. So yes a 2 man truck in Paulding can make entry.
  2. Just say thanks to all the taxpayers out there.
  3. They also move them up the auto store right there on 92 and brownsville and sweetwater church. They normally always have something. rither at their house or up at the corner. It's the first house on the the right from 92 on Sweetwater Church.
  4. I have gotten more Kroger flyers in the last week then ever before and still haven't gotten a Food Lion one. I got those when the 1st one opened. I guess they figure if I'm across the street I don't need a flyer.
  5. That's what he said, if I was a Douglas County parent with kids on the Northside of the county and I shopped there I would be mad... I'm just glad my Local Reprensentive knows the answers.
  6. You know I'm glad they opened a store here in Paulding. But one of the checks is going to Fairplay Middle school In DOUGLAS county (not to mention the southside of Douglas County)? I mean I live right on Sweetwater Church and I have a sign that says Shop Paulding to keep the penny tax in Paulding right here at the intersection. They still won't be drawing business from South Douglas County to here. Ok, just spoke with Commissioner Graham and he says the other school was in Paulding and it was J.A. Dobbins. Thank you Commissioner for knowing.
  7. Hey Surepip it's your old pest control tech. Check with the DNR. They have special guidelines if it's considered a rodent. I know you must destroy any wild life caught by a local trapper. If you use a save a heart trap. They don't want to spread diseases or rabies to other animal populations. But the DNR may be able to help you with the classification of whats legal and whats not for a private citizen and rodents.
  8. I tell my mine about our finances. I believe in teaching from home. If we don't have the money and why we must save. How else will they realize not everyone acts like the federal goverment that just writes checks and then worries about paying later. I also realize that my kids pick up more and more from the D.R. show on 640, they are 12 and 14. If a citizen can see how much I make in public safety why not teach my kids about money and taxes from home.
  9. So if you thought the Engine was running kinda fast and the Engine wasn't pulling away from you in video wouldn't that mean you were also running fast?
  10. The road was closed because the truck was sitting in the middle of the road and had to be towed.
  11. So what is wrong with the road? The road has nothing to do with it. Because people want to talk on the phone or be preoccupied in the vehicles, or drive in excessive speeds and they cause wrecks or involved in wrecks. People would start complaining if S.O. or GSP would be out there writing tickets left and right. Wrecks happen and sometimes they are bad. I've seen wrecks on curves and wrecks on straight ways, wrecks on roads in subdivisions and wrecks on highways. The road here had nothing to do with it. People would complain if they were to put speed humps on the road. Some people will speed no matter what and there will always be accidents, hence the name "accident".
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