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  1. She's just too cute for words! I wish mine were that little again. Congrats, A. G.G- Ya done good. :cheers:
  2. Yeah, this gets a bit touchy. I can understand and respect- not patronising a store for whatever reason, and there are several establishments that I choose not to go in for different reasons- mostly for poor service. If I don't want to buy a smut magazine, I don't buy it. If I don't want to eat garbage fast food, I don't go there. If I don't want to drink a soda, I don't buy one. If I don't feel like spiritual enlightenment, I don't go to the church I pass. I have no right to tell anyone else that they can't eat at the Crap Mcnasty, or that they can't buy beer. Or worship the Imaginary Diety
  3. I would totally go with the first one. Even though I personally am not a big fan of Aguilerra, She was making it sound really pretty!
  4. But, What if it's some over-weight dude working at the convenience store when you're getting a morning muffin and coffee?
  5. I.B- The more I knock back, the More stunning i become
  6. Sorry ladies... I was just knocking a few back before the boss returned from lunch.
  7. the P-com spirits probably know she is one of MY FB friends too
  8. Being a one time drunk-a-holic, I can honestly say that sort of thing has never happened to me
  9. Prayers to the girl, and her family! GOD, how horrible!
  10. Seriously, I have the digital convert box. I get 2 channels, and only about half the time at best. Hooray for being thrifty!!
  11. How far is Victory land from Paulding? I've never been to Alabama, so I have no frigging clue
  12. Today is my first trial run in a while- It take a few moments getting your bearings, but it's good the emoticons are still usable
  13. I personally do not give a rat's ass either way, In fact, I think they're pretty cool- especially when they look like Sea-Monkeys It's not People are showing Garbage bags full of them- So, who really cares?
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