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  1. She's just too cute for words! I wish mine were that little again. Congrats, A. G.G- Ya done good. :cheers:
  2. Yeah, this gets a bit touchy. I can understand and respect- not patronising a store for whatever reason, and there are several establishments that I choose not to go in for different reasons- mostly for poor service. If I don't want to buy a smut magazine, I don't buy it. If I don't want to eat garbage fast food, I don't go there. If I don't want to drink a soda, I don't buy one. If I don't feel like spiritual enlightenment, I don't go to the church I pass. I have no right to tell anyone else that they can't eat at the Crap Mcnasty, or that they can't buy beer. Or worship the Imaginary Diety of their choice. It's their choice, regardless of how stupid it is to us, it seems legit to them. As for kids buying the fake weed, They have to be old enough to buy tobacco before they can buy the potpourrie of scrub brush or whatever the Hell they are trying to market. If the FDA can find proof of it to be unsafe for consumption, thenby all means it should be stripped from the shelves.
  3. I would totally go with the first one. Even though I personally am not a big fan of Aguilerra, She was making it sound really pretty!
  4. But, What if it's some over-weight dude working at the convenience store when you're getting a morning muffin and coffee?
  5. I.B- The more I knock back, the More stunning i become
  6. Sorry ladies... I was just knocking a few back before the boss returned from lunch.
  7. the P-com spirits probably know she is one of MY FB friends too
  8. Being a one time drunk-a-holic, I can honestly say that sort of thing has never happened to me
  9. Prayers to the girl, and her family! GOD, how horrible!
  10. Seriously, I have the digital convert box. I get 2 channels, and only about half the time at best. Hooray for being thrifty!!
  11. How far is Victory land from Paulding? I've never been to Alabama, so I have no frigging clue
  12. Today is my first trial run in a while- It take a few moments getting your bearings, but it's good the emoticons are still usable
  13. I personally do not give a rat's ass either way, In fact, I think they're pretty cool- especially when they look like Sea-Monkeys It's not People are showing Garbage bags full of them- So, who really cares?
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