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  1. I think it was a 15 tear old girl that had a skateboard crash taken to Grady. From what her mom had on FB she's going to be ok
  2. Taylor Farm is the location of the "county' egg hunt this year.
  3. LtD


    It was prescribed to me for the same thing ans I had bizarre side effects....couldn't get words to form, couldn't spell, feet tingling, memory loss.....no thanks. I'll stick with anti depressant therapy for migraine prevention. I's rather be fat and happy then skinny and miserable. It did stop the migraines though. Different strokes.....
  4. The no communication with my son was the hardest part! It's alot better now. We can talk n the phone and text. The first thing he wanted to do was "go somewhere where no one can see me" so the suite came in handy. We ordered in and he just chilled. The front desk people are ever so helpful. Feel free to call me @ work and we can talk when his PIR date gets closer. 770-443-3010 ask for Lt Dee. By the way, we drove to Chicago!
  5. Welcome to the club! Mine had PIR on June 1 and is currently in Washington DC serving on the Ceremonial Honor Guard for 2 years before going on to his job training. So so proud! Check out the Homewood Suites for his PIR. A suite for $75 @ night!!
  6. January does AMAZING work at very rsonable prices!!
  7. And Phil does catering! We used him for my DD's christening as an infant and again for her 8th grade formal! Always yummy!
  8. Research the drug Suboxone. It's primary use is for opiate addiction but does have an added benefit of controlling chronic pain.
  9. Yes, his first name is Herbie and is a wonderful Officer and person. No need to call me....I just read it on here, I'm his supervisor. Feel free to write a letter to the Sheriff @ 247 Ind Way N, Dallas Ga 30132 and it will go in his personnel file.
  10. This is so cool...I can't wait!!
  11. Condolences and prayers for the family.
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