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  1. I helped out a friend a year ago and she and her daughter moved in with me. Because she didn't have any bills going to our house, I had to go with her to the BOE to fill out special forms. I can't remember what they are now. This was Paulding, but they said the situation did require going to the board instead of the school.
  2. They are awesome. We have always used them. They even our oldest daughter's wedding cake cheaper than everyone else even dreamed of.
  3. I girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Just so excited that it works.
  4. I did it! I did it! Vinegar, Q-tips, fine sandpaper and aluminum foil and the fish now sings and dances! Happy Dance!!!!!
  5. We do still have the old one. We haven't told him that we have the new one yet. Most of the coils look ok. One is rusted and brittle and I believe it may have broken a little. I have never understood why 1 person will come in and ruin things for everyone else.
  6. Ok, so about 15 years old my grandmother bought my grandfather one of those Billy big Mouth Singing fish. They thought it was the funniest thing. All of the great grandchildren have loved being picked up to push the button. Fast forward 15 years. Grandmother is no longer with us. One of the mommies thought she should take the fish off the wall for her special pride and joy to play with. He broke it. We found one on ebay and ordered it. They still had the original batteries in it. The coils for the batteries have rusted. You can hear it trying to turn on, but nothing. Does anyone know how to f
  7. I grew up with a shepherd/lab mix. He was a great dog and lived to be 16 years old. I know that is a long time for a big dog, but he was a healthy dog. Love Marley's cute face. Looks like she is studying the camera.
  8. I have a couple of friends who are Volkswagen mechanics at a dealership. From what they have told me, Volkswagen makes it very difficult to work on to try to keep the work "in house". Try to make sure they are trained by Volkswagen themselves. And I am sure that a lot of mechanics aren't fans of the cars because they are difficult to work on.
  9. Potatoes Eggs Salt Mayo Dill cubes Sweet cubes pimientos All items are to taste, so not really a recipe
  10. After not have a feeder team last year, they are trying to get Jr. Patriots player this year. Each school tries to have 2 teams per high school. Paulding County High School currently has more than enough for 1 team but not enough for 2. They are looking for upcoming 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls. If you know anyone interested, they can email pauldingcountyjrpatriots@gmail.com. It is a great experience especially if they are wanting to play high school ball.
  11. I was told many years ago that most systems can only cool 20 degrees lower than the temp outside. Wouldn't hurt to have it serviced, but it is heating up fast out there this week.
  12. If anyone likes Stars and Strikes, Sweetjack has a pretty good deal online. $25 for a $50 card.
  13. jdb1985


    Does anyone know if Paulding County High has a girl's softball feeder team?
  14. I have the same problem with my daughter. She is only 11 but is already 5'4". She only a couple of inches behind me and wears the same size shoes. People look at us strange when we tell them she needs the kid's price. The adult clothes and shoes are expensive enough. I need the kids prices.
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