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  1. I read an article that said he was taken off suicide watch. Another article stated the cell he was in had an 8' high ceiling with no light fixtures or anything else that a person could hang themselves from. The article also stated inmates wore clothing and given bedding that was almost like paper that would rip very easily if one did tried to hang himself. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the investigation of his death.
  2. I think the money received from the sale should go to paying off the bond. How's that different than the proceeds you receive from the sale of your house going to pay of the balance of the mortgage? After all, you have to pay off the balance of the mortgage to clear the title of the property. It would seem necessary to clear the balance of the bond to clear the title of studio. At least it would be the responsible thing to do rather than keep the burden on those who pay property taxes.
  3. This is true. A good example is what happens to those who call for tougher border security to prevent people from entering our country illegally. Those who support that are now accused of being racists and using hate speech by those who think we should have open borders. Or if you say many illegal immigrants are rapists and murders; you are accused of saying all illegal immigrants are rapists and murderers and therefore a racists and inciting hate speech. It's crazy.
  4. Gun free zones are unsafe. Bad guys don't pay attention to gun free zones.
  5. LOVE is not working.
  6. What's the password to get into the protected forums i.e. political?
  7. The CVT transmission is awful.
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing the list.
  9. Need some Gas X? Happy birthday!
  10. That's not why you were banned and you know that.
  11. Sound Guy, I don't think approving posts in any forum is a good idea. In fact, it's a form of censorship. Think about it this way; a moderator who has a liberal viewpoint on a discussion may be the one who decides a conservative's viewpoint may not make it to the public. It could also mean a conservative moderator doesn't allow a liberal's viewpoint to make it to the public.
  12. OMG I didn't realize this could be so confusing for you. She posted she saw a skull or a model of one showing it had both baby and adult teeth and it completely freaked her out. I posted a picture of what she was talking about so others could see. Simple. I guess for now on, it will be necessary to give a detailed explanation to keep you from being confused. Simple enough.
  13. I don't see why you should be confused Caped Crusader. I thought it was obvious the pic I posted was in response to rednekkhikkchikk's post as she posted a reference to a skull with both baby and adult teeth. You're chastising me by saying I need a refresher course in responding to posts because I didn't quote her post with my response of the picture. I didn't see you make a public response to her because she didn't quote the OP when she posted her post. It was obvious to me she was responding to the OP, just as it was obvious the pic I posted was in response to her. Now I must ask you, why did you signal me out and ignore her? I've been posting on this site since early 2004, and not once have I seen in this forum or any other forums I frequent such a rule. Perhaps the new ownership should make a post of the new rules in which they want participants here to follow.
  14. It's customary to thank someone when they do you a favor.
  15. He may want to check with this organization. https://www.vhvw.org/
  16. You have to wonder why a guy would do such a thing.
  17. You seem quite obsessed with him; after all you posted the other day how many topics he started on another site.
  18. I'm actually surprised that Cheap Trick made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but Pat Benatar has not.
  19. You really crack me up. You believe gossip is good enough to get a warrant? Gossip is not considered probable cause for a warrant. As it turns out, the "gossip" in that dossier was not even close to the truth.
  20. It didn't happen? The fake dossier was used to obtain FISA warrants.
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