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  1. You make a good point. Alcoholics cannot handle even a single drink because they can't stop after the first one. People are are not alcoholics can usually have a drink or two and stop with that. So would it be a sin for an alcoholic to have a beer because it will open the door to drunkenness, while not such a big deal for others who can have A beer and stop? Maybe. Thought provoking, anyway.
  2. As has already been mentioned, the new layout is very confusing. Need to keep it simple, and organize the forums so people can easily see and find them. There were some fumbles with the initial rollout; forums being added and deleted, constantly changing stuff around, and the decision to kill off politics was a poor move. I understand you've put a political forum back in, which will be a good thing so long as the mean and hateful doesn't get control of it again. There's far too much hate in this country right now and people are getting tired of it. We must learn to talk to each other without the hate (and we should start with congress). You had at least one moderator gone wild who was banning everyone she didn't like. I've been told she is no longer an owner, and if true that is a good thing. Frankly, it would be wise to keep everyone who was part of the previous ownership or management off the forum. They did a lot of damage that you guys are up against.
  3. Unless you call a pea shooter taking on an F-16, war; there won't be any war. Iran's military capabilities are quite limited and archaic in comparison to ours, and their personnel are not in the same league as our troops. Not to say there aren't concerns, but this will only go so far. Any terror attacks from them would be handled very differently from most because in this case they would be state sponsored and Iran would be held directly accountable.
  4. A prime example of what happens when a business sits on their haunches and doesn't change with the times. Sears was once a retail giant who practically owned the catalogue sales game (the precursor to internet sales), but the world changed around them and Sears refused to change with it. And now they are dying because of that. To make it worse, they bought another company who was equally inept (K-Mart), and then started selling off they brands that kept loyal customers coming back. Craftsman tools were once as good as it gets, but now they are Chinese crap. Sad, but they did it to themselves. Short of a miracle, Sears will likely be nothing but a memory within 5 years.
  5. A wifi booster is not the best way to handle it; I would prefer to use a high power router or a mesh system (as I Luv My Geek mentioned) installed in the proper location(s) to provide the coverage you need. But yes, that would cost more initially. A wifi booster would likely solve your issue and they can be had for a modest price. Amazon has many of them as low as $20, but I would spend a bit more and get a better one. There will be some initial setup involved, but it's not bad.
  6. Hey, It's Paulding County WalMart, be happy they don't bring possums in.
  7. Your software already has a mobile site, meaning it optimizes the site view for a mobile device when such is being used. It re-shapes the site view for a mobile screen (a phone screen is tall and narrow, as compared to a short and wide computer monitor), and removes unnecessary graphics to speed load times. The mobile site here was kinda bad prior to the upgrade, but seems to be much better now. Meaning...P'Com now works fine on a mobile device. Save your money; a mobile app would cost you a fortune and would offer little, if any improvement. There is also the option of Tap-a-talk, it's an app which makes it easier to post to forums from a mobile device. It was a big deal some years ago because it allowed older forum software to be viewed on phones, but now that newer forum software has mobile sites, Tap-a-talk is not being used as much anymore. https://www.tapatalk.com/ Hope this helps.
  8. Sorry, I shouldn't have ate that.
  9. The story so far is that his death was due to severe injuries to his neck. Short of hanging, and considering what was available in a jail cell; how does a person self-inflict such injuries to their own neck? Blunt trama is right, the sniff test isn't going well. Now, I shed no tears for the scumbag, but until he was afforded a trial and found guilty (and I have little doubt he would), he was innocent according to the law. This should not have happened. Regardless of who was involved of behind it, the American people deserve answers. This reeks of the things that happen in 3rd world countries.
  10. Top right of page, click on your name, click on Ignored Users, add user you wish to ignore.
  11. Delete your old bookmark to P'Com and clear your cookies and cache. Your computer is likely directing you to the old "Current Topics" page, which no longer exists. When you get to the new main page, make a new bookmark for it.
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