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  1. We are all adults here so we expect everyone to act like it. If you know a thread is going to be something you don't want to read, don't be a child and open that thread. Not hard at all. Bullets are going to start flying. Thread closed.
  2. Several posts have been set invisible so no one can see them in this thread. A report was made about personal attacks so all name calling posts have been removed. Same with posts that suggest others are stupid or can't think for themselves. Stop it, all of you.
  3. Thank you for your question. I would suggest you contact Pubby about a specific issue and let him handle that part. It may be that what you have is a real issue or it may be that you're missing something on the rules or policies. Or it may be that the county is dead wrong. Pubby can handle that sort of stuff. Send him a PM or call him. 770-505-8544 Peace out.
  4. This topic has gone in so many directions that my head is spinning. Closed. I'm sure everybody will live to argue the same points another day.
  5. Are you just trying to tick off Andy? You know good and well he is not in the mood for this after last week. Sheesh.
  6. We had hoped some of our more partisan members would be able to act like adults with this topic. We were mistaken. Thread closed.
  7. This doesn't have to be a political thread despite several trying to make it like. The topic is about groups and how they feel and why they feel like that. All Americans feel something just different than others. I think the OP is trying to talk about that. We've left it in the Cafe for now but don't mind moving it if it gets out of hand. Stay focused and politics can stay of the topic.,
  8. Topic is closed. Drop the subject.
  9. To answer the question asked, the answer is no. The topic is about the app that blocks Trump from the Chrome Browser. That is not political and can be discussed in a non-political manner. The political posts about Trump have been moved to the poltiical forum. Opie.
  10. We've let the thread continue to run because all those arguments are confined to that one thread. There is still a lot of news going on about the topic so we've left it alone. If we move the thread, we get accused of hiding the conservative voices. If we leave it in the Cafe, we get accused of leaving too much political stuff in there. We have been talking about the thread and what to do with it. The best moderation is done when no one sees it.
  11. There is a difference. You are protected from government interference but not from actions taken on a private site. Think of this as you can say what you want in a public park and you can't be kicked out for most things. Saying things in Pubby's living room and it is completely at his discretion.
  12. Thread closed at OP request. Sorry for the delay but we had our grandchildren today and I didn't tell the person who was on standby to catch the afternoon for me. Sorry.
  13. We don't have to tell him! I was just getting "milk and cookies".
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