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  1. I get all of those on my 20 year old 19" RCA with a converter box using "rabbit ears" in the spare upstairs bedroom.
  2. Do we need a "West Connector"? All you have to do is look at the truck traffic getting off I75 at the Red Top Mountain exit going down 41 to 92 to I20. If they are going west on I20 it saves them over an hour rather than going I75 to I285 to I20.
  3. Gloria Allredd can really dig them up and maybe someday she will learn to brush the dirt off them.
  4. Why are you discriminating aginst those of us that are retired. Your Poll would not let me vote because there was no place for me to vote on some of the sections?
  5. I thought this was a Paulding County web site. Vinings/Austell/Mabelton/The East West Connector/Powder Springs/Nickajack Road/Powder Spring Street are in Cobb county?
  6. Why is it so hard for people to remember that Halloween falls on October 31st every year? Do they have trouble remembering that Christmas is on December 25th every year?
  7. It doesn't always. They say to buy winter clothes in January. In January four years ago my brother in law was passing through Atlanta on he way to the UK. He discovered that he had left his overcoat in his car in California. He had a seven hour layover so he called and asked if we could take him to buy a coat. Will it happened to be the coldest day of the year and we went to two malls and at least five different department stores and no one had an overcoat. Lots of bathing suits and Hawaiian shirts, but no coats.
  8. While I feel sorry for the people that will lose a job ("a" job not "their" job) it will have little effect on me as I have never set foot in a Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic.
  9. 11:00 am Tuesday.$3.09 at Krogers at Macland and Lost Mountain, before the $0.03 or $0.10 discount.
  10. They see you coming! Yesterday I had three people turn or pull out right in front of me, one a that intersection! I have lived in Gerorgia for 20 years and I will never get use to the way drivers look you right in the eyes and pullout in front of you only to go a quater mile down the road then stop and make a turn? Most of the time there is no one behind me but they can't wait. They must think its their road and they have the right of way all the time!!!!
  11. Bobby's burger was ok, but I will not go back because I don't like being bumped, pushed and shoved while I eat. Way too many tables and chairs in way too small a space!
  12. I things really that different in Paulding County since Mr. Shearin was voted out of office? Maybe some of you that keep up with local politics closer than I do could point out where things have improved!
  13. That is what the Paulding County Airport will look like one of these days!
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