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  1. No, I oppose stupid idots having the right to carry a deadly weapon. I am not opposed to guns at all, with EDUCATION. Meaning, once one applies for a permit, they are not allowed to take possession of a fire arm without taking AND PASSING gun safety courses, including a target simulation similar to the kind with law enforcement training, and the person is able to determine the difference between a valid threat and an innocent, which apparently, you are not able to do. By the way, the cop who shot the kid in Bartow and the guy who shot his neighbor? Both are facing murder charges, both
  2. Exactly what I expect of someone like you and exactly why I opposed the open carry law. God forbid, one of YOUR teenagers doesn't run into someone like you if they were seeking help. I wonder, if your child was a victim of STUPID if you would feel differently? But people like you usually end up getting bitch slapped by karma, so I will just do what I do with all the other idiots...smile, nod, and shrug as I walk away.
  3. Actually, I do not understand you at all. People like you are the reason I fear for my 11 year Autistic son. As he grows older, he "looks" like every other kid. But he has the mentality of a second grader. What if there was a medical emergency in my home and he needed help? What if HE approached your yard? What if he needed help AT NIGHT and came on your property to knock on your door? Would you be like the cop in Bartow who shot and killed a teenager who answered his front door with a wii remote in his hand? Would you be like the "neighbor" who shot and killed an elderly man
  4. If this were my husband's most recent employer, he'd be told he is "required" to be at work or be fired, no matter if the requested time off in advance or not. For the last two years, any request for time off he's put in FOR TWO YEARS has been denied ever single time. A few times, it was approved in advance and then they told him the day before he HAD to be at work or lose his job. So he stopped asking and just started calling in sick when he knows he needs a day (like when he went to interview for his new job). He repaid the favor by not giving notice when he accepted the new job. He got his
  5. We use them too. If the payment is a hardship, let them know. They are willing to work within tight budgets.
  6. We use Just Trash, too. Been with them for years. Excellent people, locally owned and operated. We highly recommend them.
  7. Thanks for this post. We went camping in Carroll County last weekend. Both my daughter and I found three ticks each on us when we got home. All the boys in my house escaped the ticks, but we literally took a shower in flea and tick shampoo! It freaked me out and now I'm looking up the best tips for preventing ticks.
  8. Sorry guys, I've been busy house hunting. I can't believe how easily this process is going considering its such a life change. We're going to New Orleans, whether it's red or blue is open for interpretation. While it seems "blue" on the surface, NOLA is also very tradtional and they have a strong tea party base there. I have a "corporate job" but its totally around my family's schedule. When in Dallas, I've had to travel at least once a month and be gone for a week at a time. Once we move, I'll work Monday through Friday and only during school hours. I'll still have two weekends a y
  9. Its actually a reflection of my opinion. And a response to someone's comment earlier asking how many people who are already living in Ga have been reciepants of the numerous new jobs Deal has brought to Ga. This has been a rough economy nationwide, true, but Georgia has continued to fall by the way side when compared to national reports. Our unemployement rating is one the the highest. Yes, I am aware it's recently dropped, but how many people are no longer eligible for unemployent? And how many are former professionals now working multiple retail positions to make a third of what they ne
  10. slanted source or not, I also agree with the assessment. I moved back to Ga. 10 years ago. I moved here for a better paycheck. I ended up having my youngest two children within the first two years of moving here and I had to quit my job to be the full time mom. My husband left a good job in the previous state to move here and support me. When I couldn't work anymore, he spent YEARS going from dead end job to dead end job while we barely scraped by. About a year ago, I started working part time as a free lancer for a company out of state. They originally offered me a decent salary
  11. I got the same response, cookie, when I put out a last minute plea for help. That's Pcom for ya! But luckily, PAULDING.COM IS NOT A GOOD REPRESENTATIVE OF OUR COMMUNITY!! And I THANK GOD for the Angels around here, that's for sure!! Good luck with this family. I will PM you this evening if MY group of Christmas Angels is able to come up with anything.
  12. We will keep Casey's family in our prayers, lifting them up for strength and healing. Thank you for sharing her story with us.
  13. I hear you. I will get some stuff to you by the end of this week. I have TONS of kids clothes, some shoes. I was going to seperate it and put it up for sale on Craig's List, but it's so much work, I've been putting it off. So my laziness is your reward!! I have boys AND girls from 2T to 5/6 in girls and 3T to 7/8 in boys.
  14. :rofl: :rofl: And THIS is why I return to pcom on my mornings off. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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