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  1. Thanks so much!! Sent those to them....
  2. Our very close friends are moving here for CT. on the First of this month. They would like to rent a home here in Dallas, on the east side if possible. They need a 4 bedroom or 3 bedroom with a basement. They have had house after house set up and then they get a call after paying application fee that the landlord has decided against pets. They have one dog that is part of the family and will be coming with them. They are running out of time and the husband has to start work on the 7th. PLEASE if anyone knows of a property that they can rent without all this hassle please message me ASAP..
  3. Surpip - Tell me more... He loves biking.... When you say Trout Stamp does that have something to do with his Fishing License? Where would he start.... I have not shown him the Silver Comet Trail yet.... lol
  4. All my P.Com Friends - My husband now that he has to stay at home wants to find places he can just go fish for a few hours to get out of the house. Do yall know of anywhere good? Showed him Acworth lake but he wants to know if there is anywhere else around. Thought I would put this out there and see if yall knew of anywhere else? Thanks Cathy
  5. Does anyone know of a Good Disability Attorney? We need one to help with my sons disability. Honestly trying to find one that doesn't ask for a large amount of money up front. Thanks Cathy
  6. Cheryl I wanted to say thank you so much!!! My daughter is so excited to come see this weekend maybe. She told me how sweet you were on the phone and she googled the address and is in love. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate it and hope this works out for them.
  7. Thanks Yall I knew that you would be able to help me with their search!!! Keep them coming if yall know more. I will be giving them these so far today!
  8. If anyone knows of anything in Paulding area or surrounding counties for rent please let me know. My daughter and her husband and their 4 yr old just moved back here from Cali and need to find a place to rent. My house is a little small for everyone...lol Thanks Cathy
  9. They give you the freezer this way if you ever loose power they will replace everything without charging because it was in the freezer they provided. You pay monthly and they work with what you can afford and the amount of people in your home. Then every 6 months they come out and do inventory and restock or change out some things. If there is ever something you try and don't like you can call and they will come switch it out for you.
  10. Joshua with Service Foods he was amazing. Came out to our house and cooked dinner for the whole family one night and then was here for my delivery 3 weeks later... The best part is he works around what you can afford and is not your typical "Sales" person because he is not paid on his Sales. If yall want him to come see you and cook for you just send me ya'll's number where he can call and he will be happy to come out I am sure. Also if you want to check out the website first its www.servicefoods.com they are awesome!!!
  11. Look at my new Freezer and they filled it with Natural no additives Meats and Fresh Frozen Veggies, and Hubby's favorite Apple Pie... I am so excited I dont know what to cook tonight for dinner....lol
  12. If anyone knows of a Craft shows or festivals in the area please let me know. Thanks Cathy
  13. Thanks for the recommendation!!! Took her there and they were so Awesome!!! She loved it and I was one very Happy Mom!!! Cant wait to get everyone in to see them!!! Thanks again!
  14. I need some recommendations for a local dentist for my teenage daughter. She really does not like the dentist so it needs to be someone that would good with calming her down and taking great care of her. Thanks Cathy
  15. Need to know if there is any one out there that might have use for old Pampered Chef Catalogs. My new ones come out in Feb. and I have to get rid of the 50-100 I have in my office.I know when my kids were in Elementary School they used to do projects where they cut things out of magazines and did stuff like that. So before I recycle old my old catalogs that are just stacking up I wanted to see if there is anyone that would like them. Maybe Daycares or Classrooms that could use them... Just wanted to see. Thanks Cathy
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