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  1. Good luck. 2 people in my hood filed complaints with the Marshall's office over noise (dirt bike ALL DAY) and the case was taken to court just to have it thrown out because it was not properly written up by the Marshall. Guy got off without a fine. It did quiet him down, but I would have much rather had it really hurt him.
  2. We rent for our business from time to time and I will say, Penske and Enterprise are the best when it comes to quality of trucks. You are not renting for a lengthy drive, but we have had Budget trucks that have failed 2 miles in and U-haul trucks with BALD tires. Also, make sure no matter who you rent the truck from that you walk the truck and note all damage (even minor scratches) on your paper work before you drive off. Good Luck with your move!
  3. ASK for a list of verifiable references and call them! I have used 2 of the people listed here and would only recommend one of them.
  4. Mug shots on CNN sure make it look like race is not an issue. The real issue in this case: WHERE ARE THESE TEENAGERS' PARENTS?? I think they should be charges as well! Did they provide the car for the joy ride? Did they provide the gas so their kids could human hunt for fun? Where did they get the gun? PEOPLE....Parent your kids! There is no reason you should not question the actions of the teenagers living in your house. http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/20/justice/australia-student-killed-oklahoma/
  5. I am a believer in Mother Nature and do not do artificial heating or lighting. A first molt in Winter is said to be good for backyard flocks. There are just different schools of thought. My first set of hens are into laying year #2 and have been through 3 seasonal molts and a stress molt. Still get 3-4 eggs a day from the 5 girls. I also only feed organic pellet feed and veggie scraps. I do not supplement with anything else. Giving them and our new chicks the used egg shells crushed up helps to strengthen the shells. The hen house is a must, in my opinion! We lost 3 (thus the str
  6. Nothing about the 2 cops that were injured in the situation either. Humph! Both required medical attention. Humph!
  7. Love this! And agree with momof3! I also would pay someone who is begging and in need to come work around my house for a day to make some money. I do not believe in money for nothing. It is a sad thing that this cannot be done like in years past. Too many issues to face. If they get hurt, they will surely sue. Cannot pay someone to work and not "employ" them and take taxes. Cannot trust people to work unsupervised. Etc....
  8. If this was true, all of us should be begging for change on the corner. There are people who truly are in need and there are those that need things they want. Need and want are 2 different things. You do not need booze. You need food. You do not need Starbucks. You want it and to ask people for your want is just wrong. In the last thread (that this was spun off from), someone witnessed this very thing. Someone begging to be in need but they really just wanted a coffee and were seen buying one with the change they just begged for. I want a top notch education to Yale for my kids. Inst
  9. I think we have almost hit the year mark now with this one, since the "trial" has started. Yep....that was on CNN too, before I got so disgusted I turned it off.
  10. I watched the news for the first time in a long time. CNN, to be exact. They spent the first 13 minutes I watched covering a famous person's death. An actor who I never watched. An actor that simply entertained people as a mob boss in character. An actor that really did not impact us as a nation in a truly helpful way. Now, has the news media given the same time to: Jesse L. Thomas Jr., Jaimie E. Leonard, Todd J. Clark, Justin L. Sisson, Robert A. Pierce, Sean W. Mullen, Kyle P. Stoeckli, Ray A. Ramirez, Mariano M. Raymundo?? NO!! No they have not! These fine men and women all g
  11. The officer had to have been called, because it is not like they were on patrol on my dead end street. They pulled directly into his driveway. And, while I did not witness it first hand, I watched my video surveillance playback because I could not believe that the idiot would call over this in his own driveway. If this person was your neighbor, you would not offer assistance either. I have gone out of my way to help strangers before, but I would call 911 if his kid lay bleeding in the yard before I'd go help. He would turn it all around and make it out to be that I was trying to hurt his k
  12. I guess what really bothers me is it was in his driveway. He was not stranded. He was at home!! I have 2 sets of keys to every car we own. One set is always on the key rack unless we are on a long road trip. Then, I tuck the spare set in my purse, just in case. Always take my purse into a rest stop or gas stop when traveling.
  13. It is a public service because I do it on my own time as do many of the officers that are there. That is public service. I also did two career events at schools this year that actually COST me money because I had to pay someone to watch my children. The county is tapped. Maybe they should charge for serving people for such idiotic things. Too many people just expect things and it is never questioned. I am questioning!
  14. That is my exact thought. I agree with public service. I do it. But there is a difference between public service and doing things that there should be a charge for. Going to schools and talking with kids = public service. Being at Touch-A-Truck (along with me) = public service. Directing traffic out of churches = public service. Unlocking a guys car in his own driveway is not a public service if you ask me!
  15. Deputy was in the drive. Neighbor watched the whole thing.
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