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  1. My company is in the top 3 of medical distributors in the country--we're an almost 200 year old American company from VA. (lots of VT grads ) And last year we bought out a European company.... makes me suspicous that that may be an option they are looking at.
  2. So you have an antena? If so it's on channel 34-2 commentary is in Spanish but that doesn't sound like an issue for your family.
  3. Or big chested girls either....they don't think the alphabet goes past D...So I shop elsewhere.
  4. Thursday and Friday are part of their Winter break, not weather related.
  5. We have several neighborhood Super Heroes in Hunters Glen neighborhood. These guys are bringing stranded folks home from all over the place. They really rock!
  6. Just an update if anyone has someone stuck on Dallas hwy, my husband made it to the Avenues and he said the road has been treated in that area, he's thinking they are closing sections and treating the road.
  7. Anyone know what's going on on Dallas hwy? It's just not moving.
  8. I had something similar the other day regarding a Wellstar bill. I'll gladly pay it when it matches the EOB from my insurance company reflecting what they've already paid you. They wanted to know my sons school... WTH? I told them that was none of their business and to only contact me via mail in the future.
  9. We did the same thing with the high $$ Kitchenaid and it hasn't lasted a quarter of the time the cheapo builders grade Dishwasher lasted, so I want to know what brand the magic dishwasher is too
  10. I've used Alton Browns Good Eats Turkey brine and how to's for the last several years and it's a big hit. None of my extended family are crazy about anykind of poultry--I know we're weird, but my bird gets devoured every year. I have to hide some for leftovers to take home. lol I've had great luck with the Pioneer womans recipes too, and she has a turkey how to also.
  11. Try Etsy--I bet you can find something similar on there.
  12. The runners in my house love the Smart Wool socks. I've even got a pair and I have to say my feet are happier when I wear them. You can find them clearanced on SierraTradingPost.com sometimes.
  13. I was so excited to see the PBS channel-- season 2 of Call the Midwife.
  14. I wish them the best of luck. Not sure how long they've been open so hopefully they just need some time. I was not impressed. Cuban and Mojo pork sandwiches were light on fillings and cold. We had to ask for our sides and silverware. Grilled chicken dinner--chicken was ok but nothing special and the fries were cold. Just seemed disorganized and we were the only dine in customers. So it wasn't busy. I did like the rice with tomato gravy. Maybe the hot dishes are better??? Hate to be a Debbie downer but I wanted another opinion out there. Now a days out to eat $$ are limited
  15. Grab something heavy and hold on It only lasts for a few years. My normally sweet daughter turned into her super hero alter ego for a couple of years "TEEN ANGST" complete with black hoodie pulled up over her head. Thankfully the mood swings and crying jags evened out after a year or two. Mostly it was teaching her how to handle the surges or emotion. She's tactile so a mama petting and hugging would work for her. We tend to be high maintenace women in my family (really emotional) and I survived 2 much younger sisters so that helped.
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