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  1. I hope they don't touch Spring Break. My Senior And I are going to London and Rome. The trip is booked and paid for. If they decide to have school he won't be there. He will learn so much more on this trip than he will during make-up days anyway. And WAFL, you are right, they are completely making stuff up as they go along. It's what happens when you try to please everyone all the time instead of holding fast to your word.
  2. Special thank you's to the Good Samaritans who were pushing cars up Hiram Sudoe this afternoon to The South Davis Mill Road stop sign. I wouldn't be sitting all snug in my living room now! The silver lining in this mess is all of the good deeds I witnessed on my gojillion hour commute home.
  3. I had a three level cervical disc fusion two years ago. We used marrow from my left hip. I had my surgery on. A Wednesday, was working from home the following Monday and back at work officially by the two week mark. I didn't have any issues with either the hip incision site (about two inches) or my neck incision. My surgeon was incredibly cautious with my post-op care. I think that made a difference and I was 38 so that helped too. I'll never forget how great it felt to wake up to my neck NoT hurting for te first time in so very long. May your hubby get to feel that!!
  4. And Several PC high schools could have had Coach Lindsey a couple of times as a head coach but they were too slow and clueless to make it happen. They adore him in Irwin County and Coach and his family love living down there. ICHS is having a fantastic season. You snooze you lose Paulding!
  5. Stars and Strikes is so much louder and more expensive!!! Crap!!!!!!
  6. You may not be experiencing long waits at your personal physician but that does not make this shortage any less of a reality. I work in healthcare and we are most definitely experiencing many challenges in finding new physicians. This has been going on for over a year now. In speaking with all of the medical schools we work with to recruit, we have found that their numbers are down in both new students and students who were in the programs and have left due to not wanting to incur more debt than they will ever be able to pay off under the new healthcare reform act. No fearmongering here. Just
  7. They will be lucky if that's all that happens to them. The fines for this type of thing are huge and they could face jail time.
  8. I was thinking the same flipping thing. It's our son's 21st birthday. I have meetings in Lawrenceville all morning until about 1:00. Then I am hightailing it home to cook his birthday dinner. Nobody better snarl up the traffic. I don't care who they are!!!
  9. He lied. He lied. He lied. He lied. I'm paying so much more now for our health insurance after Obamacare passed. I'm completely over it. His presidency has been the greatest fraud perpetrated on the American people. It is sad to me that there are so many who still refuse to see or understand it!
  10. It is ridiculous that marijuana is illegal. Can you just imagine the money we would save in freeing our law enforcement officers up from chasing pot dealers? Can you imagine the amount of money we could raise by taxing marijuana the way cigarettes and alcohol are taxed? Leave room in our jail for real criminals - the violent kind - and let the pot dealers become the entrepreneurs that they were meant to be.
  11. My grandmother was a teacher, my aunt is a teacher, my mother was a parapro and now subs, my husband was a teacher and an administrator, and my middle son wants to become a teacher. I voted for what I feel is in the best interests of education/period. This is NOT about someone's paycheck.
  12. I worked next door to a charter school in Fulton County that was 95% minority. They consistently outperformed their public school peers. You dog doesn't hunt on this one.
  13. Stop it, Neighbor!!!! You are making a valid, rational point! We have a saying in our house that if anyone starts saying "do it for the kids" the kids are the very ones who are about to get the short-end of the stick. Our high schooler came home yesterday asking what this amendment was about. He saw a sign saying to vote no "for the kids" and he knows what that means.
  14. My husband gave the best analogy the other day about this amendment. "If Kroger wanted to open a new store next door or right down the street from a Publix, should Kroger have to get approval from the Publix Board of Directors?" Charter schools are public schools but local systems view them as competition for tax dollars. Does anyone truly think a local board and system could be objective in the approval process of a charter school? Me thinks not.
  15. Our middle son, now a junior in high school, went to Jones all three years. He was in the gifted program and he truly did beautifully. His science teacher, Mr. Tumblin, is still a favorite teacher. We never had issues and adore Craig Wilcox.
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