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  1. Oh crap. Hope I don't have any mail. I hate mail. Bills and mailbox stuuers I like to refer to as trash.
  2. Out of lemons (forgot yesterday while shopping) but I'm going back tomorrow and will def pic some up. That sounds tasty. I think I will go with the soup and mushrooms. I actually have those. Lol thanks for the wonderful receipts.
  3. I bought them both yesterday thinking they would go good together however I can't think what to do with them. Suggestions please.
  4. IMO the death penalty should be handed out more and not to take so long as to being carried out.
  5. I TOTALLY agree with gramps. He is amazing and is more than fair on price. I hope you give him a call. Tell him gramps and Lisa recommended him.
  6. I just read it n fox 5 they have found her body.
  7. Serious question....do the colored eggs taste any different from the regular "white eggs"
  8. stupid question probably but do carpenter bees sting you?
  9. what is the minimum age? my 15 yr old is looking for a summer job. TIA
  10. he is NOT leaving kelly. he is doing both. he said the other day on the show that his commitment is to kelly and michael show and he would not ever leave the show.
  11. sweet Italian sausage tortrlloni with my fav sauce and 3 cheese garlic bread. :-)
  12. As a former foster child I, know how important it is for ppl wanting to foster teens. I wish more were around when I was a foster child. You know the ppl that WANT to do it for the CHILDREN! :-)
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