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  1. FRONTIER SUCKS.............my cousins flew with them in Dec and had a horrible experience. Got a "credit" to use on another flight for all the problems she encountered, so she decided at least she knew what she was getting and would try them again. Second time was even worse. I don't know if I would fly with them if it was free!!!!! Absolutely horrible. I know alot of people that fly frequently (including the cousins I just spoke of) and never heard of such bad things
  2. Does anyone know what time the car show is on sat in hiram, doesnt say on the flier thanks
  3. I would recommend LEAF 770-685-9629.
  4. thanks op for this topic, thinking about heading there in july and this is helpful, now I have to find a place to stay
  5. My hubby saw lots of filming setups this morning on his way to work in downtown Acworth. Anyone know what is going on?
  6. I sent them a message so I will find out soon I went to home depot today and the guy said they don't carry them but he had a lot of people asking recently
  7. Hey someone on this forum makes the traps, need one badly
  8. Dr Laur is awesome-especially with kids
  9. I'm so very sad to hear this. I knew Christi thru our kids, Her son and my daughter were in the same kindergarten class and been friends since then. I remember her and I both serving on the PTA for the school too. She was such a sweet person and I know she will be missed by many. My thoughts with Mason and the rest of her family. Prayers for peace and strength.
  10. go to ssaelite.com they practice out of braly. I have a couple friends that their little ones play, I think they practice one day a week at that age and have games on sat mornings.
  11. i'm at 61 near PCHS, just went to kroger at 61/278, and roads are just wet, no slush, or ice, my hubby is a UPS driver out of acworth and delivers near alltoona high school, off 92, near cedarcrest, he just pulled a lady out of minivan that hit a tree, so conditions are not as good over there, be careful
  12. we have waste industries and pick up day is today and its almost 6pm and no trash pick up yet
  13. my parents live in there, he said at the 3rd stop sign cars are having problems on the hill
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