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  1. Shoot'em all........wait,then there won't be anyone to post
  2. Prove when and where any of the group that believes people should keep promises made, has lied. If you can't prove it,then you are the liar. NEWS FLASH WHEN THEY USE MY MONEY IT'S MY BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. With 90% of the results in Ron Davis -4670 J.Fields-2756
  4. Being able to remain anonymous on a complaint form is an open invitation for false claims.People were lying about their neighbors just because they didn't like them. Now,when you fill out all the info,the Marshals will ride by your home to make sure you're not in any code violation
  5. There were voices down the corridor, I thought I heard them say..
  6. You are correct,it is silly.Even though we do have indoor plumbing most of paulding county homes are still on septic tanks.
  7. This must be the "free money" that was talked about. The faa has a lot of property with money trees growing.When a state needs some money,faa just goes to the money orchard and picks it
  8. So y'all just believe what ever a politician tells you and then when you find out it's a lie don't believe they should be held accountable? Guess y'all are voting for hillary
  9. Calvin made a promise to the people of this county that the airport would never ever go commercial. Calvin lied and is now pushing for commercial passenger service.The only way to make a liar keep his word is to take him to court. Don't be like Calvin
  10. Too bad that the admins of the support page are lying cowards.
  11. If they would get up off their knees from in front of chairman and quit slurping is kool aid,they could get some fresh air and look around at the destruction the airport has already caused and help the rest of us stop it.
  12. . I refuse to renew my membership until the current director is GONE But I don't want to be the director
  13. I had been buying window units when they would go on clearance for when my AC went out.3 months ago the fan on my outside unit came apart and shredded the coils.I put the window units in 4 rooms,house has been cooler,electric bill cheaper.
  14. I left the N.Paulding game with about 5 mins to go in 4th quarter.Allatoona was up 50-21.....N.Paulding still has no running game and Allatoona has a very good team with a healthy O.Line
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