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  1. Dear Paulding County: Perhaps you should read the story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". Someday there will be some actual dangerous weather and we will all ignore your constant sirens. As for me, I trust my NOAA weather radio way more than the sirens that keep me up all night for a little rain and a breeze.
  2. Report about what, my comment? It was an innocent question about what looked to be a threat. My apologies. And thanks for the bullets or berries or whatever they are. I see I have four of them under my name. Guess I've had "reports" before, huh? Whatever. Now back to your regularly scheduled gay marriage debate...
  3. Off topic here for a moment, but is it really appropriate for a moderator, of all people, to threaten to shoot people? Sheesh. The rest of us would have gotten banned for such a comment, and rightly so. There is no excuse for threatening people, I don't care what your title is on this forum.
  4. Like I said in one of the other threads (there are so many like this, it's hard to keep track), those who still send their kids to these people for an "education" and think it could never happen to them, are deluding themselves.
  5. Seriously? You are making a huge jump from eating a pop tart to using a gun on classmates. And are you sure your kids don't use their fingers as guns when you're not looking? And if you find out they do, are you going to make them wear mittens their whole lives? Kids will be kids. Out of the billions of kids in this country who have played cowboys and indians with toy guns, only a tiny fraction of a percentage have actually shot up a school.
  6. Yes, it's very strange snow. I heard it hitting the window last night. It reminds me of that fake ice cream, Dippin Dots.
  7. How people can read stories like this yet still put their precious children in the hands of these power-hungry idiots is just beyond comprehension. Everyone thinks "their" school is the exception, it will never happen to "their" child. Well, think again, because eventually it will, and you will be to blame for driving them to that cesspool every day.
  8. That's sort of opposite of what I said, but I can see it that way too. I guess I am so unconventional when it comes to furnishing a house, that I am not swayed by how other people arrange their furniture; I will do it the way it works best for me, not how it's "supposed" to be. I realize not everybody is that way. Good luck, S&D'sN! Are you saying in the area?
  9. Frankly, most people don't have enough imagination to properly view a furnished house; they are too focused on seeing your furnishings rather than visualizing their own. They also can't see past ugly wallpaper or ripped flooring, even in an empty house. Personally, I have viewed so many houses over the years, empty and full, and I can easily use my imagination to see past the furnishings and wall colors to visualize my family and stuff and whether they would work in the house. My biggest pet peeve is the owners being present while I am viewing their house. Leave! I don't want you hear
  10. Good luck getting qualified for any of those government mortgage programs. Also, as mentioned, read the fine print. Many of them have some ridiculous terms despite the fact they say they want to help you (balloon payments, etc.).
  11. And the Girl Scouts would probably make a whole lot more money that way, from sales to just her alone.
  12. I would rather join the other Mars trip being planned, where they are trying to send a group of people to land and stay there. No way of ever being able to come back, but I would do it in a heartbeat and so would hubby.
  13. Pubby, interesting story. So you are saying all the carbon in the world that made life unbearable in the planet's formative years, has for the last 100 or so years been dredged up and that is what is causing the climate to change. But still no explanation as to all the other cycles of change over the rest of the billions of years? Could it be, oh I don't know, maybe because the Earth, like all other masses in the universe, is constantly changing? That nothing in this universe is static? That the idea of man made global warming fosters the ridiculous notion that if it weren't for us m
  14. Tonight is "breakfast for dinner" night for us. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast with ligonberry jam, and coffee (because you can't have breakfast without coffee ).
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