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  1. Thank you so much. I had never heard of it until he was diagnosed. And it took a special top pediatric dr in atlanta to diagnose it after millions of scans and tests. It breaks my heart that my first born has to be sick and to know I passed it to him upsets me. I got my blood drawn today to find out what phenotype I am. It makes sense now on my dads side of the family. Alot of lung issues. As well as my fiance side. I have checked out the alpha 1 pages and am apart of groups on fb as well and am getting a lot of support. I to have read all of the stories online about babies with zz and its
  2. Wow. I hope things look up for you. I really hope I dont become severely lung or liver affected. Ive had chronic bronchitis since 16. And high liver enzymes since about 19. It would make sense for all of my family history though. Mostly lung issues on my dads side.
  3. ALPHA-1 ANTITRIPSIN DEFIENCY. I am looking for anyone who knows about this rare genetic disease/disorder. My 7 week old son was diagnosed at 2 weeks old. His phenotype is ZZ, He got one bad gene from me and one from his dad meaning we both have it or are carriers. This is the worst phenotype to have from what ive been told. He had a liver biopsy last Monday and we are still waiting on the results. He still has jaundice pretty bad also. I have a lot of information about it, but I would like to connect locally with someone who has this or has a child with it. Most of the forums onli
  4. There was a 3/2 in dallas for rent for 600-650 on hotpads dont know if its still there. My fiance and I are lookin as well but they didnt except pets so I didnt look into it. Try searching hotpads may have to go towards like powder springs or a bit farther out but they are out there. Ive posted before we rented a house on hiram sudie that was plenty big enough and nice for 600. It can be done. Just look harder. :-)
  5. Thank you everyone! I am going to hunt today. Yes cravings suck lol. I hate wanting something so bad it drives me insane. Calling ace hardware now! Eta: I called ACE. And they have them!!! Woohoo im headed there now lol. Im hoping this craving will also help with my spring allergies since I cant take much for it. Im soooo excited I will probably spend like 20$ on them lol. Again thank you all for the tip!
  6. I have tried google. All I find is places to order online. And I dont think I could wait that long to satisfy my craving lol. Im 28 weeks. Ive also been craving spicy buffalo food this whole time and FLORIDA oranges. My poor man got me plenty of oranges but they were all from california and didnt do lol. Then today he comes home from a job in fl and brought me a big bag of em.
  7. Flavored ones. I have been craving these things so bad for the last few days and have no idea where to find them without buying online. I even had my hubby check gas stations and welcome center places on his job in florida and no luck. :-( this preggo mama wants some NOW! Lol. And I tried just spooning some regular honey, nope not the same. Thanks. :-)
  8. Not sure if its the same thing y'all are talking about but I went to Starbucks dont know what time it was close to 5 and saw a Loomis or some type of money truck in the turn laneon 278, Started smoking under the hood and the guys were getting out of the vehichle. Then I went and parked in front of k ohls and saw fire trucks and heard sirens and saw a thick cloud of smoke right by..... I think I was in front of game stop maybe? On 278. Last for about 3 or 4 mins then the smoke was cleared.
  9. Was it in town in front of like Sam's and kohls shopping center area?
  10. Thank you. Luckily our vet called it closed for the day. Hope your pup makes a full recovery!!!
  11. I have not left the house in two days but does anyone know how Morning side dr to 92 to Brownsville rd is? Im coming from Arnold ln. Im suppose to be to work at 7:30 am. Thanks. =)
  12. Mine has 170,000 miles on it due to many emergency trips as well as vacations to swfl. But ive also owned two other Ford's. Both were 95 ford Taurus was my first car when I was 16 and another one three years later. Both of them lasted a year and the transmission went out. I know its not how I drive lol I dont drive my car to the ground and I do the regular oil changes and fluid checks and what not. The second one I had before it went out also had a belt break twice. This ford explorer also needs the entire rear end replaced it makes funny noises when I back up or turn the wheel. The only
  13. I agree to this. Also ford explorers are money pits. Ive had mine for 5 years (a 2003)and its spent more time in the shop than ive actually driven it. Its currently in the shop getting a new transmission for the 2nd time in a year!!!!!!! Been there for over a month now. As soon as I get it back and get my return I am trading it in. I will never own a ford again.
  14. See. Various reasons. alot of people I see that do this are elderly who do want to keep the cats from scratching up furniture or because they have thin fragile skin and cats will tear them up. I have not owned but one cat in my life and she didnt need it. I dont judge those whose do. :-) its a choice and in some cases it is a good option for that person/cat.
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