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  1. Oh, lawd. My phone is jumping off the table with all these reports and notices. Thank you for handling this. I agree with Floyd but check the thread for the other ideas.
  2. Several posts set invisible. No more personal attacks like this. No more. Bullets come easy right now. Take the high ground and act like adults.
  3. Public complaints about moderation earn some license points. Be careful out there. Let's not continue the personal attacks.
  4. This thread has gone on long enough and got to the point of a verbal shoving match. Not acceptable on any level. ANY THREATS OF ANY SORT WILL BE MET WITH BULLETS AND OR BANISHMENT. No more.
  5. Some posts set invisible because it went to The Forbidden Topic. Don't go there.
  6. Collective Time Out for Cain and Guard Dad. Everyone is tired of your constant personal attacks. Here is the rule until Sunday at 6PM: no posts to each other, about each other, innuendo about each other, or in any way talking about each other's positions. We're all tired of it and the constant Reports being made about you and that you are making. So you are both in time out. If you cannot control yourselves until Sunday at 6PM, bullets will fly. Thread closed.
  7. The topic has run it's course and is not political corners with each side reciting talking points. Topic closed.
  8. Thread closed until we can take care of some things.
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