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  1. I saw the same on Saturday night (Dec. 10th) traveling out Due West Road towards 92. It definitely looked like a cross in the sky but too high in the sky to be a Christmas decoration.
  2. The situation involving the Douglas County deputy is unrelated to the incident on East Paulding Drive.
  3. Does anyone know what happened on East Paulding Drive last night? There were a lot of patrol cars and crime scene tape was up at one of the houses or duplexes near the football field at the high school.
  4. When my brother moved to Paulding County (about 2 years ago) from another state, he parked his pickup truck on the street in front of his house while their furniture was being unloaded from the moving van parked in the driveway. One of the neighbors called the sheriff's department, and not one, but three deputies showed up and told him to move his vehicle.
  5. I have the FitBit Charge and love it. It measures number of steps, distance, calories burned and floors climbed.
  6. From what I've read about the FSU game, as well as the Alabama game, the majority of the players were instructed by the officials to leave the field so they could set up for the trophy presentations. Only the key players were allowed to remain to shake hands with the opposing teams. I am not an FSU fan nor a fan of Jameis Winston, but he did shake hands with the other team. The Oregon team showed their lack of class by chanting "no means no." As a Bama fan, I am disappointed in their loss to Ohio State and I will be pulling for the Ducks to beat them in the championship game. Saban does have the number one recruiting class coming in for 2015 season. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!
  7. I've heard that Coach Reid wants to come back and put in for the job.
  8. Please keep your negative comments to yourself. I knew Paula from work. This is very shocking to all of us who worked with her. As always, people who have posted comments here do not have all of the details or know the whole story about what took place. And, I will not go into that here. Prayers for both families. Thankfully, they did not have any children.
  9. I listen to them every morning, and haven't heard her mention anything.
  10. Turley's Tree Service helped us out in an emergency situation. We plan to use them again.
  11. KSU will be closed Tuesday due to impending weather.
  12. Definitely Henry's in Acworth!!
  13. I thought of Gumbeaux's and we do love cajun food. It's still relately close.
  14. My son is getting married this year and I'm looking for suggestions, ideas, or locations to hold a rehearsal dinner for the wedding party. I'd prefer to keep it local since the wedding will be held in Hiram. Any ideas or suggestions will be helpful.
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