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  1. I watched it live and the more the defense attorney's flapped their jaws the more pissed the Judge became. He was NOT a happy camper and let it be known in his tone and sentencing. The idiots should have taken the plea deal. They didn't so take the sentence given you and keep quiet about it. You made your bed now go lay in it among the murderers, rapists and thieves, the criminals just like you are now.
  2. Just curious. What made this "huge sale" so special? I didn't see anything any different from your every day prices. Some good and comparable others not so good. But that is typical for this type store.
  3. I tried to find an answer via google with no success. At what age can a teen be the sole owner of a vehicle and their name being the only one on the title? I have friends who are divorced and by the decree will each pay 50% of the price of the car. The dad is then required to keep insurance on the car. Since the couple don't get a along they want the SIXTEEN year old son to be the sole name on the car. I know a few years ago the minimum age was 18 because until a child (which is what he is until he becomes the legal age) is 18 they are not legally responsible. Say for instance the 16 year old
  4. Is this the same thing as paper plates?? Just need to know because the fancy wording threw me.
  5. Since when has BRIAR PATCH been a Commerce Member? Or do the rules change pertaining to "who" is mentioned in the subject line?
  6. I would start with Tina Howell at "Somewhere In Time". Tina is the President of the Downtown Merchants Association. She has worked VERY hard for YEARS to try to get people to come downtown for events. She tried the downtown movie nights and others. I know the Live Nativity during the holidays was probably the most successful event. Horse drawn carriage rides, the live nativity and some of the best young talent in the county. I hate this tonight wasn't more successful. I wasn't able to go due to a prior commitment but was curious how it turned out. I had planned go to the next one as I un
  7. And just WHAT does "KK, Krystal's, Steak & Shake, and The Varsity" have to do with Quizno's? Quizno's used to have an AWESOME prime rib sandwich where the meat was rare. I would have them just put it in the basket for a second or two to knock the chill off. Damn that was a good sandwich with all the fixing's. But, before they closed they changed it to where it was well done before they ever put it in the basket. So I quit going and didn't even know when they closed. That man put a LOT of money in red paint and painting the building to only be there a couple of weeks. I know he had
  8. OHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSS All of those that have that stupid talking hamster. in a ball I think they all are Framily commercials.
  9. I read that last week. And, these are some very sad stories that I do believe were accidents. HOWEVER......this man eats with his 22 mo son and drives .02 miles to the day care but has "forgotten" him????? I call BS. No one "forgets" that quickly that they JUST buckled their baby in the car. His work wasn't that much further. Yet once again he 'forgets". But, I'm not worried about Justice. The felons will have a FIELD DAY with certain parts of his anatomy in prison. Then his Justice will come again when he gets to that certain place in hell with a reservation in his name. Any ideas about t
  10. Before the new and improved p.com when I went to a thread I'd viewed previously I'd go to where the thread left off. Meaning I would be taken to the newest comment I hadn't read yet. But, now it doesn't do this. Is there someway I can click to not have to scroll down and figure out where I left off???
  11. This is NOT a political statement and is NOT Republican or Democrat based so please do NOT mistake it for such. Nothing more than a commercial I cannot stand. But, the "fake" Obama calls to Jack Kingston throw me over the edge. I hated the last round of them and now there is a new one downing Perdue (I think that is his opponent) They are BAD, just BAD!!! And get on my last nerve.
  12. I HATE.....let me say again.....I HATE ANY AND ALL OF THESE "wire" commercials. URGGGGGG
  13. Because the family recieved in excess of $100K based on the story there is definitely fraud involved. It is just SICK what parents will do or say about their children in the name of money. Like the multiple parents who have faked their children having cancer to get their mortgage, bills paid and recieve $1000's in cash. The emotional damage to the child can be terrific.
  14. I have to say I think this is the FIRST time in History I actually agree with what The Postman has to say. WOW.
  15. WHY is what I stated "speculation" when it was FACT coming from a First Responder who was initially on the scene. The statements in #17 and #23 is not any less speculation. They don't even state their source.
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