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  1. Channel 2 is reporting on it. Apparently Paulding deputy involved shooting, following domestic violence stuff going on there all day. One man pulled gun out around 3:30- and he is now deceased...of course, according to the reporters.
  2. progressiverx.com or 1-800-400-0707 We used this service for several years. One of our puppies needed to have a human asthma med that was no longer available in the US pharmacies in a form we could administer to the dog. We got excellent service with excellent communication and amazing prices...
  3. Ok, I must have just caught the last barrage. It had a really weird sound.
  4. Near Wal-Mart on 120.... and no it wasn't blasting from the new tunnel expansion program, they took the week off.
  5. I was getting out of the car a few minutes ago and heard what sounded like explosions off in the distance. They had a strange sound, almost like giant metal drums falling down. Anyone else hear that at about 8:40 ?
  6. Yes, I think there should be a bracket at the end of the problem. Start with most inner brackets 7x2=14 and 2x5=10; the difference between is 4. 32/4 = 8 8 +50 = 58
  7. It makes it very real when you run up on it just after it happened. They hadn't even covered the bodies. Not exactly what you expect to see on your way to dinner. But I'm sure he didn't expect to be shot in front of Kroger either .
  8. I don't know, but I didn't see anyone that appeared to be family. The police were interviewing a couple on people. It was strange how it almost seemed like business as usual with customers coming and going as though nothing happened.
  9. Sorry but not funny at all. We pulled up behind the firetrucks as they arrived. We thought somebody got hit by a car at first, then we saw the bodies and asked a customer coming out what happened. We were told the woman shot the man then shot herself.
  10. I'm glad to hear that but surprised as well because nobody was tending to either one
  11. There was an apparent murder suicide in front of the store. Was told a woman shot her husband then herself.
  12. Worst excuse for a seafood restaurant that I have ever eaten at. The scenery was nice, but the food was awful. I'm surprised it lasted ten years.
  13. I left Atlanta at 4:05 today and got home at 5:20 (E Paulding area). The left-most lane is closed with crime tape around the shooting victim's car, but all other lanes were moving, sometimes a little slowly, but moving anyway. Hope this helps!
  14. Biscuits, I pat out by hand...then I cut with the biscuit cutter...seems easier since the dough doesn't have to be so thin. Cookies, definitely start with less dough...at least 1/2 or 1/3; keep the rest in the refrigerator until ready to roll out. Wrap it in plastic wrap and it can usually be used up to a week later.
  15. Anybody able to get through Powder Mill subdivision across from Dallas Wal-Mart?
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