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  1. Interesting! I've been gone for a while to comeback to the news! Good luck! What happened to Pubby?
  2. Thank you all for the recommendations!
  3. Good morning! Can someone please recommend a reliable/reasonable car mechanic in the Dallas/Hiram area? Thanks
  4. Great, more revenue for Hiram! What people don't get is that speed is not the issue here... Is the drivers doing every f#@*%$g thing under the sun but driving. Enforce that and you will see a difference... But the "brilliant minds" now are going to congest even more an area already congested... Brilliant!
  5. I think we are talking about two different things here... A county road I understand, but this is a very short subdivision road with a cul-de-sac at the end.
  6. People have to much free time on their hands... AKA Get a life! Lets just say that there is a bit of a circus act going on in a very small, NON-HOA subdivision, where neighbor A calls the cops on neighbor B because he/she parks his/her car on the street in front of his/her own house. But the cop calling loser (neighbor A) parks his/her/family/friends cars on the street in front of his/her own house... ALL THE TIME. Can someone please point me to a Paulding County code/ordinance that says that you can not park your own car in front of your own house? Thanks
  7. Not sure if it is possible to bring Pcom back to what it used to be... I randomly come back, but when I do, I see the same old BS... Rude people, cop groupies, the inability to criticize crappy service from businesses because they are paying members (Rodney's BBQ), etc... Good luck Pubby, I hope you have a plan B, C and D.
  8. And MIZZOU going to the SEC championship again... I guess that is another fluke as called by the GA puppies.... :rofl:
  9. Go to Grainger in Marietta (631 S. Marietta Pkwy SE) and they can get you what you need. Bring the old blade just in case.
  10. Can someone please give an update on road conditions... Trying to make the trip from CNN Center to I-20W, to 278, to Bobo Rd and to New Hope area. Thanks
  11. So basically nothing has changed here... Indeed!
  12. Just in case! Wow, I haven't been here in a while. What happened to this forum? It's dead!
  13. So... can you go in the tunnels?
  14. Is not the speeders, is the careless drivers with their phones 3 inches from their nose, that is the real problem my friend. What are you gonna tell me next... that guns kill people! Don't waste my time.
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