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  1. http://www.neighbornewspapers.com/view/full_story/24388627/article-Company-building-%2412-million-senior-complex-in-Hiram Walton communities Sr apts
  2. I love Sam's and Yami's place........
  3. I stopped by last night for pizza...it was awesome!!!...I like to support the little guys especially when I like their food better than the chains.
  4. I agree lots of paperwork and time, but worth it. My situation (loss of job), my lender has modified my payment by $507 a month. Once I find a job, they will complete a final modification based on my income. Not easy finding a job right now much less than a job with the salary I was making.
  5. South Alabama vs Paulding county??? I've lived in both states and still think AL is a place I would never go back to. However, you'll be closer to the Gulf Coast.
  6. U have to head to Florida for good Cuban food..Tampa and the east coast of Florida.aka...little Havanna.
  7. saw this on facebook earlier this week.... http://www.healthwatchmd.com/2011/07/snake-bites-on-the-rise
  8. I like Olive Tree for the greek food....I am not so much a fan of Italian. My favorite place for wings in Curry Curry on East West connector. Killer Thai wings...sweet n spicy.
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