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  1. Don't forget the crazy Halloween today on Cuban Delights: 15% discount on entire bill for the first 30 customers ordering lunch. Don't miss this chance! We are closing today at 4:00p.m. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY
  2. Hi everybody. Don’t forget we have delicious homemade soups for this coldseason. We will closing at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday 31th. Thatday we are having a special: The first 30 customers to get here for lunch will get 15%discount on the entire bill. Don’t miss this opportunity: Delicious lunchfor less! (*) Remember: we open at 11:00 a.m. Greetings and Happy Halloween Cuban Delights *This doesn’t apply tothe lunch special
  3. Hi everybody. Its Friday and it is cold. Come and have our lunch special: Half of a Cuban sandwich, black beans and yellow rice and tomato. This includes a regular drink. for just $7.25 or just get warm with any of our delicious homemade soups: - Chicken soup (chicken and vegetables) - Garbanzo soup (garbanzo, potatoes, chorizo) - Ajiaco soup (beef and vegetables) This soups go wonderful with a warm Cuban toast!
  4. Hi everybody. We hope you are having a wonderful fall. We have news: * Now we are serving beer and wine * We are having "Latin Nights" once per month (Saturday evening): Delicious food, live latin music, dance, beer and wine and lots of fun * We have delicious homemade soups: Chicken soup, ajiaco soup (Beef and vegetables) and our famous garbanzo soup. to keep you warm and cozy in this cold weather * Cuban Delights will be having an special dish (Jerk Chickenserved with arroz moro and fried plantain) for the event: Aiden's Army. it will takeplace November the 2nd at 3:15
  5. Tomorrow we will have Arroz con Pollo, chicken and rice Cuban style. Come in today and mention you saw this posting and get 10% discount.
  6. Hi everybody. We moved our Arroz con Pollo day (chicken and rice Cuban style) from Fridays to Wednesdays. Don't miss the chance to get some of this delicious Cuban dish. Comes with Cuban Toast and fried plantain. On Friday: Picadillo, comes with white rice and fried plantain Since Thursday... we are having Arroz con leche (the famous Cuban version of rice pudding) We have the delicious Cuban soda: Mateva. We hope to see you soon!
  7. Como over today Saturday and try our delicious Arroz con pollo (chicken and rice Cuban style). We have 20% discount on the ropa vieja (authentic Sloppy Joe) dinner and sandwich; also quesillo (flan) for $1 (while it lasts).
  8. But Arroz con Pollo it is back on Friday.. Don't miss it!
  9. Don t forget that tomorrow we have our arroz con pollo day. Como over and try it for the first time or just have your next dosage.It comes with fried plantain and a Cuban toast. It's the
  10. We have the lunch combo. It is a half of a large Cuban sandwich with yellow rice and black beans. You can have our becoming famous tomato gravy on the yellow rice, or our new Pan con Bistec (steak sandwich) that is almost outselling our Cuban Sandwich.
  11. Pastalitos are puff pastry filled with guava (a fruit) and cream cheese. We do go lite on the cream cheese to cut down on the fat calories. Most think they are delicious.
  12. Hi. Yes, we are by the tractor supply. Right behind the marathon gas station.
  13. So far it has been a good Tuesday, however, this is our first post, so mention this and get 10% off today. Hi everybody. In the mood for a tasty Cuban sandwich, Cuban Rueben or Media Noche sandwich, or just craving for a delicious, and very popular, Pan con Bistec (steak sandwich Cuban style)? Don let the rain keep you from trying it!. Here we are, an Authentic Cuban restaurant ready to serve you, we have the fried plantain, empanadas, croquetas, ropa vieja, black beans, etc. If you mention our ad on this site you will get 10% in your entire bill.
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