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  1. There is not much we can moderate about those who bump old topics. We do consider it a no-no but we can't close all the old topics. Some people don't realize a topic is old and others want to bump old topics because they are like trolls and want to cause problems or get some sort of sick jollies from it. If an old topic gets bumped, please use the report function and we can then close it.
  2. Good Afternoon I worked the night shift last night so I am running a little late....pass the donuts please
  3. I think we need to invest in stock of Troll spray
  4. Thank you Marsh-mellow I think I need to go Large on the spray
  5. Please hit the report button when this happens so the topics can be closed.
  6. Marsh-mellow will we be attending the picnic?
  7. Topic closed until Pubby can confirm
  8. click on your Warn Status under your avatar and there you will see why you have bullets/maberry's we as mods try to let the member know why they have received a bullet or a mayberry. Hello my sweetness
  9. First, the thing you are seeing under you member name is how we keep track of your bullets and mayberries. It is nothing sinister. Second, no one can see it but you, the mods and Pubby. So do not go thinking God and everybody else can see how many bullets or mayberries you have. Third, a bullet is a bad thing. A mayberry is a good thing. The mods give bullets for doing something wrong (like be snarky or disruptive) or a mayberry for doing something good (like helping out a newbie or telling someone about a Commerce member's good service.) The number you see is your total tally between bullets (positive numbers) and mayberries (negative numbers.) Think of it as a golf: the lower the number, the better your score. When you get a bullet, your score/bullet holes goes up. After getting shot so many times by the deputies, you get a short suspension. The more bullets you get, the longer your suspension. (See Rule #9 for details on number of bullets and number of days in the pokey.) Mayberries offset those bullets. They don't really do anything else. Think of a mayberry as an At-a-Boy. If you do get a bullet, doing something extraordinary can get you that needed mayberry to take away the bullet. After 10 bullets, Pubby sends you packing and you are never allowed on the Mayberry Super Highway again. Hope this explanation helps! Shop Mayberry often. Slow down. Don't pick your nose. And wear those seat belts!
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