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  1. Yah, appears to be several trolls
  2. Not a problem, now. The Poll Troll was in it for a while.
  3. We have missed...............................................................you. :rofl:
  4. FYI: 8. Signature sizes: Paulding.com allows users to post images and sayings in the area designated for user sigs. There are specific rules regarding what is appropriate in the use of signatures. Specificially, images in signatures may not exceed 250 pixels tall whether as a single image or because of stacking of images. Images in signatures may not exceed more than 500 pixels wide. This is an established rule and can be reviewed here. Moderators may request members reduce the size of their signature image or, in the event of a gross violation, they may change or delete the users signatur
  5. Mrs Lulu's dumplings aint like Mother's and her gravy is very thin.
  6. Per OP's request, Topic Closed.
  7. Not kidding and no favortism. Simply suggested a way to control the trolls and attacks that we know will come. You fail to realize that 75-80% of the mods are Republicans. We keep our politics to ourselves.
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