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  1. For me it was Pubby, then Tbar....back when Pubby handled everything from Higher Ground Cafe.....waaaay back in the day (2003)
  2. QTee

    Johnny J

    RIP Johnny! One of the P.com Originals!
  3. Yes Ma'am! *hangs head* Been busy being a mom & wife.
  4. Good job Dad!!! Raising him right!
  5. IKR?!?!? BTW Great to see you!
  6. Im on the do not call list and they still get through.... so when I am home and see a call coming in from a obvious telemarketer...I press my "Fax" button
  7. I was SoooOOOoooooOOOOOoooo HAPPY to see two pulled over and getting tickets!!! PCSO Is Out SAVING LIVES YALL!!!!
  8. I grew up just down the street from the original one (632 Medlock Road Decatur, GA 30033 @ scott blvd) and what everyone in my family calls the "New" one is the huge one on East Ponce and Laredo Drive. Love that place...lots of great memories! (The new one too)
  9. Congrats! That is AWESOME!!!
  10. Copschick... Why is it that TOW sounds so much like my cop? Its a cop thang aint it? LOL *snicker'n*
  11. QTee

    DD did it!

    *pfft* IKR?! Just like when that ....wait...what? Yeah we dont know nuffin bout that!
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