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  1. pretty soon I hope to add WeekendShowcase.net to these lists lol
  2. That's funny, everytime I show this picture to someone they make a comment about how rough he looks...
  3. I suppose!!! Last one and then I'll stop fishing for attention...
  4. Well, I've been out here for a few months and this stuff still fails to become "normal" for me. Click the link to see the video I shot of the shenanigans- YouTube Video: http://youtu.be/Zu09br7E1FY
  5. I heard the reception was quite positive , they had a fun little field trip to check out the studio.
  6. Thank you, it was seen by my buddies cub scout troop and they seemed to like it
  7. Got a chance to play in the fancy new studio while at the P.com office and thought I would share the outcome... Youtube more on my youtube channel
  8. Actually, make it this account.I need to merge the two or something, good thing I go to see the wizard tomorrow
  9. That's what I'm spraying on the "protesters"
  10. unfortunately as technology advances, so do the ways to be nasty with it... It's a constant battle between the two sides.
  11. Keeping You Safe from Scams and Spam Facebook is committed to bringing you a safe experience on the Internet, and today we are announcing several new features to help protect you while online. Partnership with Web of Trust First, we're happy to announce a partnership with Web of Trust. Web of Trust is a free safe surfing tool that tells you which websites you can trust based on the ratings supplied by other Web of Trust community members. Facebook already has a system that automatically scans links to determine whether the websites associated with those links are spammy or
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