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  1. If he has a digital tuner in the Tv, he can pick up all the local Atlanta TV over the air. Let me know if I can help.
  2. Yes.. There is a young bobcat that is in custody at the shelter.
  3. FreeBird.. It's possible.. But beware when it goes bad. No support for customers equipment. And Sports Source.. Are ya sure ya want to go that way?? Good luck with your speed.. And a special THANKS to the one that said that their downtime was very little.. That's my job!! If ya need me, Just Hollar!!
  4. Lucky... We will keep this positive... A good THOUGHT???
  5. Lucky: I never intended to turn this around.. I appreciate what you are trying to do. I hope it works out good for all of you. But I am an original P Commers from the day when things were great until KING Pubby and crew decided that we can't be real on here.. Just ask anyone.. Things have changed because this is not your place to say and do what you want.. Welcome to the Kingdom... What you are doing was an every weekend event with P Commers.. And Now... Good Luck!!
  6. Original P Commers coming back??? Probably not... Thanks to Pubby and crew.. It used to be a good thing..Not now... Paulding County TMZ!! LOL
  7. Can I get an order.. Blackened with a side of rice???
  8. Just wanted to wish a Merry Christmas to you all. I have no extended family here in the State of Ga and appreciate all of you here.. we ain't going back and I'm glad we are here.. You all have kept me sane for a lotta years.. THANKS!! I hope you and yours has a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  9. A lot better turnout than last year.. I don't know the exact count yet.. but it was non-stop candy handing.. Lines were everywhere..
  10. They reopened other another name.. I think it was Georgia Chicken or etc.. They just never took the time to take the old Miss Winners signs down.. Its time for a Churchs or Popeyes to take that place over. Our KFC needs some competition next door.. I know which one I will chose..lol
  11. A Special THANKS to all the people that came out today with their children to help us have another great day at Paulding Meadows. If you attended this county funded event.. Then you are helping to continue this event. As you all know, the county has made a lot of cutbacks.. But this event has been saved due to a WHOLE lot of county participation. We must keep this tradition for the children here as long as possible... On another note.. I hope that if you attended today, that you stopped by our Comcast/Ixfinity site. My company gave away over a $1000.00 worth of candy and we also raffled off a
  12. Having a good cold PBR by the fire.. OUTSIDE
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