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  1. Nothing will happen to Metro. They retain the 9-1-1 Zone for the County.
  2. Why does a chicken coop have two doors? - - - - - - - - - - Cuz if it had four, it would be a chicken sedan! Bwahahahaha
  3. I will get RaceTrac fuel and shop in their stores before QT.
  4. Someone must have barked. Dr. Sondra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) has hundreds of videos on YouTube of her working on cysts, blackheads, etc.
  5. That was from Hickory Farms....Port Wine Cheese, Sharp Cheddar etc...all spreadable. Yummy!
  6. He's been healed permanently and is whole again, singing in His Presence. Can't get any better than that. Having lost Mr Chocomare to Lewy Body Dementia, I know the relief Mrs. Campbell feels.
  7. Joel Osteen is more plastic than the mannequins in Macy's front window. Another one who needs to READ God's Word--not just wave in front of him and never refer back to it. No where does it say if you have enough faith you'll be healthy/wealthy. Word Faith is so non-Biblical. And I hold the attenders of his church just as accountable. If you do not know Scripture for yourself, you'll have no way of discerning false teaching from the real thing.
  8. It's about time. As a Christ-follower, this saddens and angers me deeply. Perhaps if Mr. Hinn would actually READ the Bible.
  9. Agreed. Drove by the site last night. Digging and dirt movement has begun!
  10. Well, it's not Paulding exactly but.... Villa Rica is a confirmed build site 1/18 http://villarica.thecitymenus.com/2016/12/19/villa-rica-dairy-queen-closer-becoming-reality/
  11. I hope that's true. If I had the capital, I would have opened an All Breakfast All Day place in its stead.
  12. Lady... no way did I say that errors or damage was not Baldwin's fault... love how that was assumed. By all means, complain and file a claim.
  13. Don't blame Baldwin Construction. GA DOT has given them heart attack after heart attack. The reason for delay lies with DOT.
  14. I upgraded last year to a Whirlpool French-door. LOVE IT. I'll never ever go back to a side-by-side. I chose that model because the ice bin is in the door... you don't lose the whole top left corner of your fridge space. Bottom freezer holds more than my side-by-side ever did. The big drawer for meats or fruits/veggies is also perfect for big party trays. They fit perfect.
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