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  1. My sister in law has some if you are still looking I will be happy to have her call you or I will give you her number and you can call her. My sister in law has some if you are still looking I will be happy to have her call you or I will give you her number and you can call her.
  2. The one arrested in the car is 6 on the list. No they are not all connected sorry for the confusion.
  3. He was arrested yesterday. We had seen the car a few days ago but according to the arrest records they got him. 1 BARRY,BLAKE ANSLEY 8/11/2012 Active Inmate FAIL TO APPEAR / SUPERIOR COURT / 1 / $0.00 / HELD FOR PROSECUTION OBSTRUCTION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT / 1 / $0.00 / HELD FOR PROSECUTION TAIL LIGHTS REQUIRED / 1 / $0.00 / HELD FOR PROSECUTION TAG NOT ON VEHICLE, NO IN COMP. / 1 / $0.00 / HELD FOR PROSECUTION 2 BELLO,DAVID 8/11/2012 Active Inmate HOUSED/HIRAM / 1 / $0.00 / HELD FOR PROSECUTION 3 CHANDLER,KEISYA LYNN 8/11/2012 Active Inmate HOUSED/DALLAS / 1 / $0.00 / HELD FOR PROSECU
  4. I was just told a male beat up his wife/girlfriend and ran from the scene.
  5. Just want to say thanks for all the prayers that has been said on the behalf of Autumn. We are so blessed to share this granddaughter with Grammyg and her family. God has really shown his blessings with this little bundle of joy. Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she continues this road to recovery.
  6. We bought one at Home Depot 8 years ago because our son wanted a real tree for his last Christmas, It was about 4 foot tall and this year it is just over 24 feet. It is a memory we will never forget of his last Christmas before cancer took his life at the age of 15. We decided to do the same again this year and also bought a small one from Home Depot.
  7. This show gave a whole new meaning to a pine cone! She is an amazing woman. I just can't even think what it must have been like at 14 to give birth in that back yard.
  8. I bet this guy will think twice before he flips someone else off. It would have been so bad to have been just a few days away from this all being over and the flipping of a finger causing a mistrial and having to start all over.
  9. Have any of you tried the home made Black Tar soap? You can look on soap mom's web site and find it. It has worked great for my family.
  10. Our Son will be graduating tomorrow night from North. We are so proud of him! Congrats to all the class of 2011!
  11. TnT


    If you don't want to delete them you can always hide them and you will not see their post.
  12. The BP at 120 and Macland was 3.79 this morning.
  13. You can pull it up online and print or just read online.
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