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  1. I LOVE THIS!! Listened to it several times,and laugh harder each time!!
  2. TP, I enjoy a good conversation and debate as well as the next person. But I will not stand by and watch our Law enforcement be disrespected,and you do that at every turn!!! You want my respect, post things that show the good that officers do. Don't assume the officer is in the wrong everytime you see a video,or read a story! Where do you think we would be if not for the thin Blue line that you hate so much?? Granted, there are bad apples in LE,just like in all areas, but it would be total anarchy without these guys. I support them.
  3. I wasn't talking about "going away from your topic", I mean "GO AWAY"!! I'm done! Have a good day TP!
  4. My point is TP, I would never do anything to cause this officer to approach me and threaten to arrest me. I repect the law! Now, go away,you "sir" are making me sick
  5. Funny you would say that, but I have no tail to put between my legs,and I would never disrespect a cop anyway. I am no coward and am not a "sir",maybe my screen name is confusing you as to my gende r
  6. TP,you have no idea what started this video!How can you possibly say the guy was minding his own business??? Idiots are always filming themselves!! You have no idea he wasn't drunk and being an Ass... oh yeah, he was an ASS, but that's beside the point
  7. I needed a good laugh this morning TP! We can always count on you to add your cowardly comical drivel!!
  8. i would love to be there when that happens. But you know what? I think you are just a big ole blowhard. You'de probably wet your pants.
  9. I said he was disrespecting the officer, not disrupting him. And no, there is nothing wrong with filming, it's the DISRESPECT of a police officer that I take issue with. I would love to be a fly on the wall whenever you are in a position to NEED an officer.
  10. I was referring to the one with the camera disrespecting an officer.
  11. Do you honestly think this person is in the right? He's very immature, I guess that's why you agree with him.
  12. No, she's not a nice person, and neither is anyone who finds it hysterical!!
  13. It drives me crazy! At first I thought it was my car. I have been wondering if I'm the only one hearing it. Most of the time it just sounds like moaning. Parts of Bill Carruth is doing the same thing
  14. The family that was killed was my brother-in-laws nieces and great nieces and nephews. It was every daughter(but one) that his sister had,and every grandchild. This was such a terrible tragedy, almost more than one family can take. My prayers have been for this family all week
  15. What I am worried about is the fact that my husband works for EXEL,in Union city. They are a disrtibution warehouse for Kraft foods. I wonder, will this affect his job??
  16. I think she lived off of Scoggins rd.
  17. Then we are neighbors. I live in Shenandoah
  18. Oh no! One of the Detectives from this county lives there! Praying for all those involved!
  19. You are a complete hypocrite if you don't point that hateful finger at yourself.I may not post often, but I have read enough of your hateful posts to know you have done a high amount of defending the Devil yourself!!
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