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  1. SHOCKING! - you're posts seem very democrat - like. What's wrong with the local GOP?
  2. Well Perdue hasn't done much, but I'd take him over a Democrat ANY day!
  3. I like your post about liberalism being a disease. Funny and true!
  4. Didn't know about this! Were these guys harassing kids or just meeting up? Eeeew! Either way its scary knowing there were kids nearby.
  5. Wow! You've said something I can actually agree with! Did hell freeze over?
  6. If you vote in the primary elections they should be sending you stuff. Maybe you are lucky not to get all of it. Some of them have been full of lies and downright mean. This site won't clear it up for you though!
  7. Aren't you against property taxes? Tommie raised our taxes, but I'm sure you have a justifiable reason for that.
  8. Definitely 1/2 truths - The governor campaign has gotten really nasty
  9. Will there be a screen or something people can see it on?
  10. So if a candidate sends out 2 different cards they've done something wrong? ridiculous!
  11. I think this one will be a run off between Anavatarite and Crowe.
  12. So what do the illegals have to do with the Post 4 commission race? Not sure I understand.
  13. How sad. He prosecuted the guy whose son died? Was it a DUI? How sad. He prosecuted the guy whose son died? Was it a DUI?
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