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  1. Could he have the nephew get the cell camera or video cam ready to record, so if it does happen there will be proof and he can press charges?
  2. I can start up and drive fine but a few minutes later it acts like it's in neutral. I'll turn the car off and restart it and it will drive for a minute and then act up again. Seems like somethings clogging the pump. I had to restart 10 times just to make it 1 mile. This all started about 3k miles after I got it flushed / serviced and along with my 120k tune up.
  3. I have a 05 Toyota Sienna, Auto, 153k miles. I've already have it at the shop I trust but they are not a specialized transmission place. They quoted me the used trans. Should I go with a 2700.00 used transmission with 60k or less on it with 6m warranty or go elsewhere to get it rebuilt in which I have no idea what it will cost till they take it apart? I've been told the torque converter is burnt up.
  4. We booked it through Carnival. Had the best time! When we got there, we rented the snorkel equipment and we went to the other side of the island and snorkeled by ourselves. There were also hammocks hanging near the beach by palm trees -ah -so relaxing and beautiful. Once you get to the island you can do whatever activities you want.
  5. Go to gsgatl.org and click on "What We Do" and then "Memberships" and on the left you'll see "Find a Troop" You'll fill out a form and they should respond. Hadn't got a reply yet.
  6. great! thank you Webster Mom! I submitted a "troop finder" form and the email said I'd get a reply in a few days. If I don't here back I may pm you for more info on your troop.
  7. We live near the Stars and Strikes. Our school would be McGarity but they don't attend there. They go to a school in Acworth. I'll try to send LGM a pm, thanks.
  8. I know it might be late in the year but my girls are 6 and really want to join Girl Scouts. Does anyone know of a troop around here? They are in Kindergarten so I think they might be a Daisy or a Brownie.
  9. season passes to White Water, Six Flags or someplace.
  10. I did medical coding and billing for the last 15 years. I'm now a sahm. I did not go to school for this, but worked my way up in the company. Be careful and don't believe the "work from home" "your own schedule" "make 20.00 an hour" bull. If your really interested you will want to get the AAPC Certification. Go to www.aapc.com for more info.
  11. Also be aware: Our bank informed us that if your debit card has an unusually high increase of use during a certain period of time (like last December) they will flag it, and your debit card is put in a list, and the computer will randomly select a few cards to put a hold on it thus making any attempted purchases be declined. They do try and call first.
  12. Our twins are girls and are 5yrs. Some tips that I found out are: Your pediatrician will give you free sample formulas of the kind you use. Any little bit helps. Mine gives them away to parents of multiples only, (they said, anyways). Go online and buy in bulk if the price is better. Babies R Us offers a discount when you buy 2 of a product over a certain amt. Feed and sleep on the same schedule. You'll get more sleep. My former co-workers gave me a Diaper Party and I didn't have to buy diapers for 3 months. Plan a special afternoon for your older child once in a
  13. So disappointing. One of the red flags I'm seeing is that in Math, Science, and SS, the failure rate gets higher as the grade level goes up. (exception of 7th grade)
  14. I've already been twice with my 10y and 5yr twins and it was pretty easy. I was somewhat impressed with how they handled the crowd. The line looks really bad and there's so many daycares and it's very crowded in the lobby. Also the bathrooms are busy even during the movie. However, the line moves very quickly because they just take your can of food and give you a card. Then you enter the main lobby and there's a table right there with a girl to give you the free popcorn in exchange for the card. You almost don't stop moving. If you don't bring the canned food you just go right in any theat
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