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  1. Another article has been published on this: http://dallas-hiram.patch.com/articles/austin-defends-inquiry-into-opponent-s-work-schedule What's amazing is that Boyd expected G.T. to call him back and give him information about one of their employees. I guess basic H.R. Policies and Procedures are foreign to Mayor Austin. Can you imagine your employer investigating you based on a random call from someone and then your employer calls that random person back to report their findings? Give me a break. Boyd was throwing darts at the wall and one bounced back and hit him in the rear.
  2. Anyone see CBS 46 outside of City Hall today?
  3. I look forward to seeing you back Shearin and Carruth when I'm supporting Heath and Graves.
  4. Actually, it appears that if anyone speaks out or runs against an Austin, then they must automatically be part of the "Shearin crowd". So I guess we're stuck with these two brothers running the county for the next 20 years because no one can run for office without you, feelup, and others automatically smearing them as part of the boogie-man conspiracy. Like myself who moved here in 2007, can't even remember who I voted for between Austin and Shearin, and never met Shearin until 2009 after he was already out of office. Oh by the way, I would probably support Tom Graves if Shearin ran against hi
  5. Of course Mariposa. Anyone that criticizes the current Chairman or Mayor must be a Shearin crony. That's the way the game is played.
  6. "This past week, Dallas Mayor Boyd Austin contacted the employer of his political opponent Marvin Tingler to make allegations that Mr. Tingler was campaigning during his work hours." http://pauldingpundit.com/2011/10/bully-alert-dallas-mayor-boyd-austin-contacts-the-employer-of-his-political-opponent/
  7. Winston, thanks for taking the time to actually read the documents. One slight correction though: you're citing the language for the Series 2011A Projects which is the 1.2mil for the water towers out by the airport. Look on page 71 for the same type of language pertaining to the Series 2011B Projects which is the 7.2mil for the film studio and the hangers at the airport. Those assets plus all revenues belong to the IBA, not the taxpayers, and can be sold and done with as the IBA pleases. The taxpayers and the IBA are not co-signers on this deal. The taxpayer is 100% contractually oblig
  8. I'm going by the most recent budget revision Tabitha put out on 8/4/11 - http://paulding.gov/DocumentView.aspx?DID=893 ; I'll wait on her final numbers but either way, the original budget that was passed for the 2011 fiscal year (see page 3) was 51.4 million and she had the actual expenses on page 2 estimated to come in at 55.6 million. Even if it comes in at 2 million less, that would still put the actual expenses for 2011 at 53.6 million versus an original budget of 51.4 million. In essence, instead of being 4 million over budget, the county will be 2 million over budget for 2011. Good new
  9. A few tidbits for you Pubby: - Sec 6.4 of the Intergovernmental Contract between the IBA and the County: "The Authority may sell, lease, or give away all or a portion of the 2011B Projects [studio/hangers]" - Fall back position? I've seen the number 80,000 as the total sq ft space of the old building plus the new construction. The annual payment for the 20 years bonds will be around $575k. Does anyone know how much similar warehouse space is leasing for in metro Atlanta? Plus we would have operating expenses on top of that $575k as landlord. - As for the $2 million of surplus for t
  10. Will Avery is pro-animal abuse! Shame on you Will Avery!
  11. This guy is being charged with having one too many chickens on his property. Thought a certain PCOM poster would find it of interest. http://www.meetup.com/pet-chickens/calendar/14359764/?a=facebook
  12. Pick up any Eric Johnson signs you see also. I'll buy ya a coke.
  13. Here's one way to look at the mill-rate increase. Leaving the mill-rate the same, which they said they would do on the June 1st version, would of result in 4 million dollars of less taxes collected. Raising the mill-rate, which they did yesterday, results in about 1 million of less taxes collected. So in essences, they took $3m of a $4m tax cut and saved it for future years. I'm sure it will be there when they need it and avoid any need to raise the mill-rate again in future years.
  14. Now that folks is a great endorsement! No political spin but just first-hand testimony. The only part I would disagree with is "I know Todd has run a campaign that was clean and that he did not sling mud or talk nasty about anyone." ... The Austin endorsement ad was a little nasty and negative toward Beverley and I know that Todd reviewed and approved that advertisement. However, Todd does seem to be an very good upstanding citizen. Unfortunately he appears to be David's water-boy and that has turned me off since day one. Thanks for sharing!
  15. I saw DD putting out a sign in the Union area a few days ago. When I slowed down to talk to him, I said, "Hey Dick, anyone that calls Pubby a wide-load has my vote!"
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