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  1. It appears that commissioner Collett and Davis may have crashed and burned with their all out support for Leggett in the Commissioners race, even to the point 0f allegedly viewing some personnel files prior to Leggett qualifying for the race? Both made a stupid move of going all out and openly supporting Leggett, without full knowledge of his past. Of course all is forgiven since it was simply a rookie mistake!!! Who in the hello do they think they are running around all over town campaigning for Leggett any way!!! That was stupid on their part.
  2. I am voting for Robbie. I am glad that someone is posting the facts on Carmichael, Rogers, and Galloway. The good old boys have ran this county long enough. VOTE CHANGE
  3. Censorship is wrong whether a person is liked or disliked. It is something that most communist countries do as well as some of the mid East countries. Censorship has no place in the free world and must be stamped out wherever it occurs.
  4. I have just recently became aware through an acquaintance that the Board of Commissioners meeting that is videotaped by the county and presented for viewing on the Paulding County web site as well as Comcast channel 23 is indeed being censored prior to being offered to the public for review. It appears that commission Chairman Austin has deliberately censored out certain portions of the county commission meetings that deal with citizens complaints on a variety of wide ranging items from the Commercialization of the airport, to the appointing of members to the airport authority, and the industrial building authority, as well as the general up keep of the parks and recreation areas. Most recently the Commissioners meeting held on January 27, 2015 was heavily censored; here are the edited and unedited versions. Unedited version Edited version http://www.paulding.gov/MediaCenter.aspx As a tax payer of this county I try to keep abreast of the things going on in the county that affect my well being and the well being of my family. I am appalled at the idea that this commission Chairman has elected to portray on the Government web site, and the Comcast site a video of the commission meetings that in no way represents what was actually said and done during such meetings, And appeared to be edited to prevent the general public from becoming aware of what is really occurring within the county. Some people like me, and my husband are unable to attend most of the commissioners meetings, and depended on the County government to provide an accurate video of the proceedings that occur during a commissioners meeting. Since this video implies that this was the actual business conducted during the meeting, and tax dollars was spent to provide this video, you would think that important items would not be censored out of the production of this meeting I sincerely hope that any future productions would not be censored. Commissioners, this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and censorship is not a way of life here!!!!
  5. Is this the same person that is Chairman of the Airport Authority? http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/19628280/company-accused-of
  6. I remember him coming into Martins one morning and meeting with a group of older men and avowing that he would not allow the airport to become a success. Sure did have a change of heart when he got elected.
  7. I plan on attending the next meeting at Bethany Church just to get filled in on the lawsuits and see if they have any literature on the issues being talked about on Paulding.com Is there some place that the pro airport group is going to meet and hold informational meetings. I like to hear both sides of the discussions before I decide to be for or against the Airport. I have not seen any airport signs like you have described, where do you get them?
  8. Thank you Commissioner Pownall for writing this letter, It is truly the feelings of a majority of the people in your area.
  9. I was so glad that I got a flyer at the parade. I had no idea that the airport was being expanded. I am against this.
  10. Saw an article in today’s Atlanta Journal about campaign contributions, What caught my attention was that Bill Carruth who is running for Senate District 31 reportedly had already collected $240,000 In Campaign contributions. A review of the campaign report reveals that a large number of our Paulding County elected and appointed officials made some substantial donations to this campaign. http://media.ethics.ga.gov/search/Campaign/Campaign_ByContributions_RFR.aspx?NameID=15181&FilerID=C2012000124&CDRID=58284&Name=Carruth%20Jr.,%20William%20Alton&Year=2012&Report=March%2031st%20-%20Election%20Year Bill Carruth's Campaign disclosure reveals $257,611 collected by March 31,2012. That is a lot of campaign money for a local election.
  11. Do you think Paulette will portray a good image for Paulding County?
  12. I did miss what I have bolded,Can you point this out to me?
  13. Sure did, Kim Cobb debated Paulette, and beat her in the debate, And went on to win by a landslide. Of course the debate was not the sole reason for the landslide, Paulette's voting record while serving on the school board was also a factor in the defeat, I am quite sure that the voters have not forgot this quickly?
  14. WHITEY These Paulette supporters do not want to talk facts, They are only concerned with getting Paulette elected. I hope Paulette debates Mr. Avery.
  15. I believe that both Republicans and Democrats are unemployed in this County. RIGHT?
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