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  1. Glad you've figured it out! Eventually the other people on here giving King David a pass on this sneaky tax increase will realize that Carruth is still pulling the strings behind the scenes like he has for the past 15 years, though they will probably never admit it and will continue to make excuses for the same thing they based Shearin for.
  2. Someone told me today about two deaths at Creekside subdivision, two people found in the road. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it true or just a rumor? If its true, what happened?
  3. Wow! Glad he's okay. That's sad about the child. Was there drinking involved or just stupidity?
  4. I've gotta go with the party. Can't for for a Democrat - they just like to spend our money
  5. Agreed! Beverly is the best choice and this sounds like an Obamalike promise for "change".
  6. I think Collett will win this race.
  7. Doubt that!! The county is in worse shape and its all Jerry's fault?
  8. Are you talking about Handel? I hear hear talking about things that involve spending more money, not reducing the size of government.
  9. And you are F.O.S. This county is in MUCH WORSE shape now!
  10. Vote for Earl Cosgrove for Post 4 Commissioner - he is a veteran and a GREAT guy - not a politician at all!
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