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  1. I get the whole supply and demand mentality, I really do. But unless we are using Austell and Mableton as our guide for commerce, we might want to cool it on the thrift stores. Take a drive through Cartersville, Rome, Elijay, Blue Ridge or any other rural town on a Saturday and you realize just what we "could" be. I for one like to see Paulding County money stay in Paulding County. But when the only places to eat are for the most part corporate chains with warmed up microwavable food where my dollars go across the country, it's an easy choice to go elsewhere. It's not something I have to think about very much when deciding on where to go for Saturday afternoon. Gee, do the thrift store tour and then head to a chain restaurant for some food that I get in the frozen section at WM. Or ride up to Cartersville to get a meal from a family owned business and check out the interesting shops. Yes we have some locally owned restaurants and we need more LOCALLY owned establishments. We need more locally owned shops that sell a variety of goods. Establishments that are not a brick and mortar yard sale. I could go on, but the point I am making is that there is more disappointment in what we could be than what were are as of right now. The two factors I see standing in the road of progress are the leadership and the consumers themselves. It's all in what you want to be vs what you could be. Complacency is the mantra of many of our leaders, so that is an uphill battle. The consumers hopefully will realize that there are other businesses that may be great for our county other than thrift stores and chain restaurants.
  2. Another psycho expressing his road rage with a gun. http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/detectives-10-shots-fired-road-rage-incident/nf4mc/
  3. It's parking all right. It's a Park&Fly for air travelers using the Paulding airport. Heard there a few Parking Spots and more of those types to come all along 278.
  4. If this is how BOE and state officials monitor weather, then we as parents definitely need to be more pro active with our kids. I thought about the possibility of a tornado or flood and how those systems change so quickly. Would they wait until a tornado is spotted above the school before taking action, water creeping into the parking lot? Systems can be forecast up to five days in advance, and can change severity and direction. If someone is responsible for the safety of numerous citizens, the weather is something that needs to be monitored frequently, not just what they saw on the 6 oclock news yesterday.
  5. The two men that were helping cars on Macland on the approach to Hwy 92 were great. I never would have thought that would have been a big incline on the approach, but adding ice made it a rough spot. They helped to space cars and advise them how to get to the intersection. They pushed a few as well. I came through last night about 10:30 and it helped me get home sooner. Big thank you !!!!!
  6. Good idea. The National Weather Service changed the winter weather watch to a winter weather warning around 3:30 A.M. There would have been plenty of time to make a contingency plan.
  7. If you're traveling Macland Rd from Cobb to Paulding, there are a few spots to watch out for. I came through last night about 10:30 after leaving Tucker about 12:00 yesterday. I saw multiple cars in the ditch and abandoned the entire way. It was passable with care last night, but gets very slick before Poplar Springs. From Poplar Springs to Lake Dr its slippery but I was able to drive about 10 miles per hour. Thank God for the two men that were helping drivers on the approach to 92. They were stopping cars to pace them up the slight incline to 92. You would never even look at that part of Macland as being an incline, but add ice and it's a rough spot. I hit the gas and got the momentum to make it through. 92 was deserted and from 92 to the BP at 120, Macland was very icy. I actually rode the left side which had more snow where as the right side was a complete sheet of ice. Made it home and even up the big hill in the subdivision. Like I said this was at 10:30 last night, so things could have changed slightly by now.
  8. I guess that explains why on my 11 hour drive from Tucker to Dallas, that I never saw one area of 285 or 75 that had been salted or sanded. The media spent hours showing the shiny new trucks that GDOT had ready to go, but obviously they stayed shiny and were never used. Someone needs to hold a class for those assclowns on the term "pre-treatment".
  9. The reports I heard for two days was a dusting, and maybe not even that much. Paulding was right on the line to either get a dusting or nothing at all. We woke up Tuesday morning at 5 AM and watched the news to learn that the system had changed course and would hit Atlanta. I imagine that school officials were up at that time as well and should have seen the reports. I don't blame the meteorologist as much due to the ability of systems to change drastically without warning. It is definitely a good idea and the responsibility to monitor the weather on an up to date basis and not rely on the report they saw last night before going to bed.
  10. The BOE needs to make it a policy that if temps fall below the 32 mark, school should be canceled. It was discovered during the last cold spell that the majority of kids do not own jackets and gloves in this area of the country. Even though gloves can be purchased for the same price as a lotto ticket, no one owns them because it never gets cold here. Jackets are a foreign idea, no need, it doesn't get cold here. Even though I priced cold weather jackets at $30-$40 if you even want to buy them. Toughness is preached on so many levels around here, but people need to be reasonable when temperatures fall. Cancel school for the rest of the winter is what I say. Lock the kids inside where it's safe and wait for Spring.
  11. Every body of water I passed in Paulding county yesterday had a film of ice on it. Some around the edges and a few all the way across.
  12. I have serious doubts that the majority of voters in Georgia will ever vote to legalize marijauna. The medical marijuana situation is something that will still face a huge up hill battle in acceptance. I've often said that if it were discovered tomorrow that pine bark would give you a euphoric feeling when ingested, every pine tree in this state would be cut and destroyed within weeks by the government.
  13. I think anything that keeps a kid in front of a screen, social media video games etc, deprives them of valuable time they could use enjoying the real world outside and using to better their education.
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