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  1. What's happening in front of the courthouse on 278?
  2. Sturgis is DEAD unless it's bike week. Ghost town when we were there end of May a few years ago. Even the Harley place was closed, couldn't get the T-shirt! Just a muddy hillside with a bunch of porta-potties! DH was so disappointed!
  3. Does anyone know a person who knows Snapper riders inside out? We've taken ours to the local well known repair shops and the problem still exists. Thanks!
  4. Our 2.5 grandson loved the train ride and the duck boats at Stone Mountain. And, he was totally into the laser show and music! Buy them those light up bubble blowing guns and they will have a blast all week (bubble things are half the price at WallyWorld, compared to the ones at Stone Mountain, and work better, too.)
  5. You can go to Townsend, TN, stay in one of the motels there, and are in short, beautiful driving distance to Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Cades Cove. Lots of choices for eating and entertainment. Have fun!
  6. Silver Comet Roofing. Great, honest! Mike 770-377-6228.
  7. Distinctive Dentistry in Hiram. Dr. Bickford is wonderful if you're nervous - just tell him and he'll set your mind at ease. Dr. Shirley is great also!
  8. Forgot to mention that you can take under/behind the falls tours also. Watch the old Marilyn Monroe movie, "Niagara" before you go!
  9. The Canadian side is where the horseshoe shaped falls are - absolutely breathtaking! They light the falls at night. Lots to do on the Canadian side - really like a tourist town - Ripleys, etc. Be sure to take the Maid of the Mist boat ride and be prepared to get wet, but they do furnish you a poncho! You will see the American falls, too. Beautiful, but not quite as dramatic. Be sure to walk to where the river goes over the falls on the Canadian side - you won't believe the amount of water rushing over the falls! I want to go back!! ETA: You will need a passport (mainly to get back in
  10. Happened to me once, only it was the FBI knocking on my door, with line-up of photos in their briefcases. They wouldn't tell me what crime was committed with my tag on another car.
  11. You can reach Helena at service@hiramcoffeehouse.com She still makes the chicken salad, pasta salad, and maybe some other stuff, too!
  12. The stores that sell wallpaper used to give away the old books with samples. The last one we got was several years ago, but you might check with Lowe's, Home Depot, or some of the decorator stores to see if they will give you a sample book.
  13. Smacking some of these 'people' is just a waste of a perfectly good brick!
  14. A friend just recommended Chef's Table and Fresh Market, 3960 Mary Eliza, Suite 900, across from Due West Elementary School. They will take special requests, too.
  15. Can't you buy fresh fish from the Marietta Fish Market?
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