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  1. smdh @ some of the comments...but truly not surprised...Lppt..your words speak volumes...thank you
  2. Not surprised at all...he was just a mass murderer not insane he had full knowledge IMO of what he wanted to accomplish....unfortunately this WILL happen again.
  3. Everyone that voted for this man do not get handouts as you ASSume or want to believe! Some folks work 2 jobs,and still find the money to help those who may be in need! smfh
  4. Awwww I had no idea she died....I never knew her name but she was so kind to me...she would speak and smile, walking with her cart....RIP Miss Jessie
  5. What a beautiful baby you had Lppt.......sorry for your loss
  6. My Saints coming back slowly but surely :clapping:
  7. I was amazed at the amount of new manufacturing jobs on the Ga dept of Labor website.... bro in law moved here 2 weeks ago and got a job...
  8. Keep posting Zoo I enjoy your posts....she gives as good as she get IMO... at times I enjoy seeing other folks point of view without all the name calling...if you dish it out then you'll get it right back..the problem is folks think they can question your intelligence because you don't suscribe to their way of thinking...so therefore you are inept,lazy,etc.... we all have our opinions and what's important to us....there are lots of posts by certain posters that I don't care to read...depending on the subject...but I'll be as respectful as they are to me...get out of pocket and I will let
  9. I was surprised since my hubby came home smiling it's time for our annual enrollment also and it's cheaper for our family to get insurance now than it has been in the past 6 years....we have more benefits for less money....deductible is 10 bucks less and 65 bucks less per month from payroll deduction....
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