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  1. aboortzion well isn't that cute. if you type ab or tion, pubby changes it to aboortzion.
  2. If the doctor's objections are because he is a Christian and he believes that he is forbidden by his religion - then yes, the gov't should force him to do the aboortzion or loose his license to practice and should allow the parents of the child to sue him and take all of his assets. That is what this law is about. Tolerance.
  3. I see your trick question to keep people from voting - there is no southern boundary.
  4. I don't know why he resigned either. But I know why he should have been fired.
  5. The background checks are only for a criminal record in Georgia. They do not include records in other states (or countries).
  6. You are arguing with people who get their facts preceded by a hashtag. It's a pretty pointless exercise.
  7. I have seen the news coverage from different sources during the week and haven't heard the first thing about the kkk. I'm starting to wonder where you get your news...or if it is news and not your kkk supervisor sending you bulletins about the plans.
  8. want to fly your plane? go buy your own land and destroy your own community - I don't want any part of it.
  9. I'm pretty sure the system is the same everywhere - a grand jury decides what goes to trial and does so in secret where no outside pressure (other than the District Attorney) is present. It's worked for a couple of hundred years and it's working now. Dragging people straight to trial because a lynch mob says they will riot otherwise is not a good idea.
  10. Homeland Security: "ISIS is trying to encourage lone wolf attacks on cops" NYPD Investigators: " Lone Wolf attack on our cops was a terror attack" Lone Wolf: "I am a terrorist, attacking because of USA policy vs ISIS" Pubby: "You people don't know what you're talking about".
  11. Last week the Obama administration issued warnings that judges, prosecutors and law enforcement should be on alert for "lone wolf" attacks because ISIS had issued a call for such attacks. So which is it? The right drumming up panic or the President drumming up panic?
  12. um, you are aware that Homeland Security ( you know, Obama's guys) issued a warning to law enforcement last week that ISIS was calling for "lone wolf" attacks on judges, prosecutors and law enforcement? Well, silly me, this seems to be just that. And the guy that did it said himself in his social media post that is what he was going to do. And the NYPD investigators found that....oh, sorry - don't know what I was thinking, posting silly facts
  13. Pubby can you please block him? I block him and then I see a post that makes it looks like it's you - but no, it's him. I doubt seriously anyone here is interested in his dribble. Maybe we can all pitch in and get him cable or something to occupy his time.
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