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  1. I heard on 750AM at 2 o`clock that the pipeline would be flowing tomorrow,but that gas supplies may not be up to normal until October.
  2. Macland will be widened to 4 lanes in Paulding. A friend has already lost his business to the state due to this.
  3. I`ve caught fish on WP every place I tried,both from the bank and from my boat. I`ve caught catfish in front of every place I`ve ever camped there. Not crowded like Allatoona.WP good for bream,crappie,bass,cats,and others.
  4. I like ALL coffee .Price not a big deal. I`m glad Kroger is putting it in,as I like to get a cup while I`m shopping.
  5. Why would you want to track your activity? Is it for people with dementia? Or for jealous spouses?
  6. Anybody bad-mouthing any power plant should have to do without electricity until they change their mind.
  7. I admire NC for their stand. Money should not be considered a god to be served.Some things can`t be bought.
  8. sgt.rock


    Pete`s in New Hope. Good barber,but kind of quiet til he gets to know you,then he will talk all you want him to.
  9. Put it on TV. Either Clark Howard or,for more exposure,Dale Russell`s I-Team on channel 5.
  10. If your snuff is strong,is strong,get Tube Rose,get Tube Rose. If it don`t last all day long,get Tube Rose,get Tube Rose.
  11. Let that clown move to another country and see how much he makes working. He can take Al,Jesse,Cher,Miley.....and all the rest with him.
  12. Presently;Secret Missions of the Civil War. About spies on both sides. Available Paulding Library.
  13. Do you folks know why women were not allowed to vote for a long time? Because the Founding Fathers feared that women would vote for a man because he was handsome,or vote against him because they didn`t like his personality. Well,looks like men are just as bad. I don`t care for Trump`s personality or some of his ideas. I will vote for him for the good of the country.That is all that matters.
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