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  1. BB, I hit the wrong button - but I wanted to reply to your post. First and foremost, you & your family are in my prayers. Prayer is what will get you through this. I speak from experience. You see, I lost my beautiful daughter February 15th of this year - the day after Valentine's Day - she also had stage 4 lung cancer. She left 3 children, and a wonderful husband. She is in a beautiful place now; and is no longer suffering. Knowing that, and stepping up to help with her children are what keeps me going. She was, as I said before, beautiful, smart (paralegal degree from UGA), funny, and co
  2. Bigun3026

    My Daddy

    You got it! Prayers being said for you and your family.
  3. So do I. On my Weber grill. Moist & juicy every time!
  4. RIP Danny. And a heartfelt "Thank You" for taking such good care of both my kids all those years on your bus. You were special, and you will be greatly missed.
  5. The Color Purple Shawshank The Breakfast Club The Big Chill Fried Green Tomatoes
  6. You got it! Prayers said for you and your grandbaby....
  7. My link Comments? Are more people going crazy?
  8. Prayers said. It is so very hard to love them enough to put them out of their misery.
  9. Advil Congestion Relief. Kind of pricey, but trust me - it works wonders!
  10. What's even worse here in Atlanta is the authority they THINK they have.
  11. I roll out "Butter-Me-Not" canned biscuits, cut them in strips and drop into boiling broth. Turn down heat to very low and let them simmer, stirring gently every so often to prevent them sticking. Everybody LOVES them!!
  12. In the commercial for the show, they seem to be PROUD of the ignorant way they act. I just don't get it. Unfortunately, due to this type of family, the rest of the country thinks ALL Georgians act/talk/live this way! I am embarrassed FOR them.
  13. I too, will continue to keep these boys and their family members in my prayers.
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